The Real Dragon Chapter 3303

Hearing this, Lord wade could not help but frown and asked Stephen Thompson, “Steven, you were there, do you think that when Charlie said those words at that time, was he serious or was he just talking out of his mouth?”

Stephen Thompson said respectfully, “Back to your Lordship, I think Young Master Charlie he did mean it, it was not like he had any frivolous intentions.”

Lord wade nodded gently and spoke, “I think so.”

Feb wade immediately blurted out, “Grandpa! You’re not serious, are you? Charlie wade is clearly taking advantage of Helena, how can you think that he doesn’t have a light heart?!”

Lord wade said blandly, “In my opinion, Charlie should have seen some kind of problem with Helena’s body from her, and from what I know about Charlie, he would not be so idle as to rack his brains and make up stories to take advantage of a girl.”

Feb wade protested, “Grandpa, you are too biased towards him too! As the saying goes, you don’t know the heart of a man, and besides, he’s been away from home for so many years, you don’t know what kind of character he really has in his bones! Besides, it’s only natural that many men would have second thoughts about a woman like Helena, but why wouldn’t Charlie wade?”

Lord wade shook his head gently, hummed and laughed, and said seriously, “Feb, it’s true that I lack understanding of Charlie, but at least I still know more or less the skinny on him ……”

Speaking of this, Lord wade looked at Feb wade and said seriously, “And your understanding of Charlie is really a bit too lacking!”

“If you only knew more about him, you would know that if he wanted to make light of a girl, there is no telling how many girls would line up to send him to his door for him to make light of them.”

“Moreover, any one of them taken out would not be worse than Helena!”

Hearing these words, Feb wade almost didn’t spit out the mouthful of old blood he was holding in his chest.

He cursed in his heart, “Crap!!! Old master, what do you mean by that? You mean that he, Charlie wade, is just a bully and has many women, even many women stronger than Helena, who have taken the initiative to throw themselves at him?”

Thinking of this, he was even more depressed: “What the hell does this mean? Is this a deliberate attempt to squeeze me?”

He was almost in tears, and his voice was choked with sobs as he said, “Grandpa …… Even if you are biased, you can’t be so biased! Charlie wade is your grandson, so am I! And Helena is also your future grandson-in-law, so if you don’t decide for me, you have to decide for Helena! You can’t let her get cold feet before she even gets married, can you?”

Lord wade didn’t have the energy to pay attention to Feb wade’s mood at this time, he saw that Feb wade was in an emotional state and spoke with some impatience, “Enough! Let’s not talk about this matter anymore! I believe that Charlie is not that kind of person!”

He said, “Since Charlie said that Helena’s condition is not good, I think it’s better to arrange for a doctor to do a medical examination on her. And we can’t explain to the royal family of the Nordic countries either.”

Feb wade almost collapsed and said, “Grandpa! If you don’t do justice to Helena, how can you still listen to Charlie wade’s words? If we drag Helena to a medical examination at this time, then Helena will definitely think that we are all crazy!”

Lord wade ignored him and turned to Stephen Thompson, instructing him in a very serious manner, “Steven, arrange for some experts from our own hospital to come to Buckingham (Shangri-la) Palace to give Helena a medical check-up, to rule out the risk of cardiovascular disease, and to take some blood samples and do all the biochemical tests on blood in the laboratory. “