The Real Dragon Chapter 3304

Stephen Thompson immediately said, “Yes Master, I’ll go and make the arrangements.”

Feb wade hurriedly stepped forward and said in a very dissatisfied tone, “Grandpa! Do you really want to arrange for a whole bunch of doctors to come to the house to check Helena’s health just because of a single word from Charlie wade? Have you ever considered Helena’s feelings? What if she personally rejects this? What if she thinks something about our family because of this?”

Lord wade waved his hand, “It’s better to believe something like this than not to believe it. If Helena is very resistant, then we won’t force her, but if she doesn’t have a problem with it, then we’ll do the medical check-up and all will be happy.”

Stephen Thompson immediately nodded and said, “Then I’ll go and make preparations, and try to get a female specialist to go there then, so that Miss Helena shouldn’t be too resistant.”

Feb wade was depressed to death in his heart.

But at a time like this, he didn’t dare to say anything more, except that the hatred towards Charlie wade in his heart became even stronger.

With that, he hurriedly looked at his father, Corran, hoping that he could help him out.

Corran also did not want to just eat a dumb loss for nothing and immediately blurted out, “Dad, I think ……”

Lord wade immediately reached out and interrupted him, saying very seriously, “I know what you want to say, hold it back and don’t say a word!”

Corran’s expression instantly froze, and he could only turn around and take a few more steps back, hiding behind the crowd without saying a word.

Deep inside, he was so depressed that he couldn’t help but curse, “Hey! What the f*ck is this!!! Is the old man senile? How dare he be determined to defend that Charlie wade!”

At the side, although Christine had not said anything, she had already gone through all those twists and turns deep inside her heart, not knowing how many times she had gone back and forth.

In her heart, she thought, “I originally thought that this time when Charlie wade came back for the Ancestral Ritual, big brother and Feb wade would definitely not let him have an easy time and would definitely do everything they could to suppress him, and in fact big brother and Feb wade did do so, but who would have thought that both of them combined would not carry as much weight as Charlie wade who didn’t even show his face in front of the old man!”

“Originally I was hoping that they would come to help me take my revenge, but now it seems that I was thinking blindly, if even they can’t deal with this Charlie wade, then there will really be no one in the Wade family who can deal with him in the future ……”

Thinking of this, Christine suddenly felt that he had to hurry to find a way to improve his relationship with Charlie wade.

The purpose is to make her willingly accept the medical examination, we are also doing it for her own good, in case something happens to her, we can’t explain it to her family. If anything happens to her, we can’t explain to her family.”

Christine hastily agreed and nodded, “Yes dad, then I will go there with housekeeper Stephen!”