The Real Dragon Chapter 3309

The first thing Christine did when she returned to the Wade family was to go and complain to Master Wade.

When Elder Wade saw her, he was still a little surprised and asked, “Christine, why are you back so soon? Have you finished giving Helena a medical check-up?”

Christine said in an unhappy tone, “This Nordic princess didn’t give me a chance at all, ah, I said I was kind enough to give her a medical check-up, she said I was violating his human rights and gave me this uproar, I saw that she was very determined, if I insisted on giving her a medical check-up, then she would go back to her Nordic country.”

Hearing this, Lord Wade could not help but frown and muttered coldly, “This Helena is so resistant to medical check-ups, which in turn makes me more convinced of Charlie’s judgement that there must be something wrong with her body, and she knows it herself.”

Christine immediately said in annoyance, “Dad! This Nordic royal family is too bullying, isn’t it? What are their intentions in sending a sick child to marry us? If Helena dies in the future, how will the Wade family explain to the public?”

Lord Wade nodded approvingly and said seriously, “What you say is indeed very difficult! If we really let Helena marry into the Wade family with her illness, there will be endless problems in the future!”

At once, Christine said, “Dad! Why don’t you call Big Brother and Little Feb to come over now, and let’s make this clear to them, and if Helena insists on not wanting a medical examination, then let’s withdraw from the marriage!”

Lord Wade immediately waved his hand and said, “Forget it, don’t make any noise about it first, the day after tomorrow is the Ancestral Ceremony, whether we force Helena to undergo the medical examination or we directly withdraw from the marriage at this time, it’s just a matter of waiting until after the Ancestral Ceremony!”

Christine nodded his head and said, “You’ve been more considerate, Dad! I’m so impatient that I can’t wait to set things straight with Helena and the Nordic royal family, so I’ve lost sight of the fact that the big picture is the most important thing.

Master Wade nodded slightly and said, “All right, you have also worked hard, go and rest, don’t talk to your elder brother and Little Feb about this matter yet.”

“Okay.” Christine answered and said respectfully, “Dad, I’ll go first then.”


At this moment, Helena was still having heart palpitations because she had managed to escape from a robbery.

She knew that the Wade family was now suspicious of her, and if the Wade family insisted on seeing her medical test results, then she would just be able to get past the first day but not the 15th.

Helena was worried about what would happen to her mother’s future if she was withdrawn from the Wade family.

Once she was no longer of any use to the royal family, it was unlikely that the royal family would be able to cover her future medical expenses, much less her mother’s retirement.

If one died, one’s mother would definitely be expelled from the royal family.

However, if she wanted to stay with the Wade family and complete her marriage to Feb wade, she would have to go past this hurdle of the medical examination, otherwise, the Wade family would never let herself through the door in a casual manner.

Thinking of this, Helena’s heart somewhat grumbled against Charlie wade.

It was because of Charlie wade’s words that both her own future and her mother’s were likely to be ruined.

However, she also knew very well in her heart that Charlie wade had not been malicious in speaking out about her problems, so she could at most complain, and there was no way she could hold it all against him.