The Real Dragon Chapter 3310

Helena was in a state of deep depression.

She had even prepared herself for the worst: if she was to be betrayed, she would have to return to Northern Europe and beg her cousin Olivia to give her and her mother a way out, for the sake of her sisterhood.

However, in a trance, an idea that seemed to her somewhat absurd also sprang up in her mind.

She thought to herself, “Could that Charlie wade really be an expert in medical skills? He was able to see my illness at a glance, so maybe he also has the ability to cure me ……”

Thinking of this, Helena seemed to have grasped the only straw that saved her life and thought to herself, “When I go to Wade’s house tomorrow and meet him, I must find a way to ask him privately if he has the ability to save me or not.”

At this moment, Charlie wade was still at Gu(Sun)’s house, exchanging gla*ses with Lord Orrin.

The two of them were so excited to drink that they didn’t want to leave the table even after all the food was finished.

Angie had no choice but to let the two men sit at the dinner table and drink, so she could only hurry to arrange for someone to go to the hotel and bring back a table of food.

Lord Orrin was in a very good mood, and after he had drunk too much, he patted Charlie wade’s shoulder and said seriously: “Charlie, uncle is so happy today! There are two reasons why I am in such a good mood! Do you know which two?”

Charlie wade laughed, “Is my visit to the door considered one?”

Lord Orrin laughed, “That’s for sure! It’s my greatest pleasure that you can come!”

Saying that, he asked, “Then the second reason, do you know?”

Charlie wade couldn’t help but shake his head and asked him, “Uncle Gu(Sun)(Sun), you might as well say it straight.”

Lord Orrin said seriously, “The second reason is that you are returning to the Wade family this time to participate in the ancestral ritual! With your ability, I believe you are absolutely qualified to be the future heir of the Wade family, and as long as your grandfather hasn’t turned into an old fool, he will definitely hand over the Wade family to you! Only you are also qualified to inherit your father’s legacy and carry the Wade Family forward!”

Charlie wade was silent for a moment and spoke, “Uncle Gu(Sun), I’m not going to lie to you, but I’m actually not interested in inheriting the Wade family.”

Lord Orrin asked with a surprised look on his face, “Why is that?”

Charlie wade gave a bitter smile and said, “When my father took me away from Eastcliff, there was a lot of grudges against the Wade family in his heart, I was young at that time and didn’t understand many things too well, but I knew that my father was disappointed in the Wade family, so I didn’t have any good feelings towards the Wade family either.”

Lord Orrin sighed and said seriously, “Ah Charlie! Your father is disappointed with the Wade family because the Wade family is simply not on the same level as him, what your father wants to do is to revitalise the Wade family and make the Wade family stand on top of the world, but what the Wade family is worried about is your father’s overly aggressive development strategy, which will cause the entire Wade family to suffer great losses if it fails.”

This is like a group of people planning to climb Mount Everest, your father’s goal is to reach the top, while the others, for fear of dying at the top, are making plans to go down when they are halfway up. indignant and displeased.”

At this moment, Lord Orrin picked up his gla*s of wine, gulped down the strong wine in it and said with red eyes, “Before your father decided to leave Eastcliff, we also sat together and drank wine all day, just like today, only at that time we were in the opposite mood from now ……”

Saying that, Lord Orrin looked at Charlie wade and said seriously, “Charlie, your father was full of reluctance when he left Eastcliff, and I believe he was still reluctant in his heart at the last moment of his accident, you must inherit your father’s legacy, even if it’s just to fight for him, you must become the head of the Wade family!”