The Real Dragon Chapter 3312

The defeat of Jerold and more than 10,000 soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall in Syria certainly made him angry and caused him heartache, but as the 5th of April drew nearer and nearer, he no longer thought about Jerold’s death and the blow that defeat had dealt to the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall.

Right now, all he could think about was avenging his parents, so that his parents could rest in peace.

In this regard, Wan Bajun and Charlie wade were both filial sons, both harbouring a deep hatred for their parents, and both having a determination to overturn everything and claim everything back.

At this moment, Wan Bajun stepped out of the room and stood in the courtyard, looking at the dozens of cheap coffins in the courtyard, his eyes full of solemnity.

At that moment, his right-hand man, Lu Haotian, walked up to him and asked, “Hall Master, why haven’t you rested yet?”

“Can’t sleep.” Wan Bajun muttered, “If only that Bruce wade were still alive, I would have chopped off his head with my own hands in front of my parents’ graves, so as to console their souls!”

Lu Haotian said, “Hall Master, you don’t have to think like that, if that Bruce wade had lived until now, wouldn’t he have lived for another 20 years? That would be a real bargain for him!”

Saying that, Lu Haotian added: “Moreover, Hall Master, according to my investigation and understanding, when Bruce wade died it was very tragic, it is said that when he crashed the car, his entire internal organs, were ruptured by the steering wheel, his wife was even worse, stuck in the pa*senger side unable to escape and was burned alive.”

“Well ……” Wan Bajun nodded gently and said lightly, “It makes my heart feel slightly better to think that they died so tragically.”

Lu Haotian said, “Hall Master, if you feel uncomfortable in your heart, I will lead someone to carry these coffins to the Wade family now!”

Wan Bajun waved his hand and spoke, “This kind of thing is better done in broad daylight to shock everyone, tomorrow I will not only make the Wade family realise that a great calamity is coming, but also let all the families in Eastcliff know that the son of that Wan Liancheng back then has returned!”

After saying that, he stared at those coffins and coldly snorted with disdain, “Tonight, let’s just let the Wade family sleep one last good night, tomorrow morning at ten o’clock sharp, carry all these coffins to the Wade family!”

“As ordered, Hall Master!”


The next day, Charlie wade got up from his bed very early.

Today was the plenary session before the Wade Family’s Ancestral Ritual, and all the Wade Family members, including the side branches outside, would be present.

If it was yesterday, Charlie wade would have felt that it didn’t matter, as long as he arrived, it was no big deal whether he was early or late.

But today, for him, the meaning of it all had changed forever.

If he wanted to become the head of the Wade family, then today was extraordinarily important to Charlie wade.

This was because today was the first time he had officially returned after twenty years away from the Wade Family.

Therefore, today was very important to him.

The couple, Lord Orrin and Angie, had risen even earlier.

When they saw Charlie wade come out of the guest room, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, Angie hurriedly said, “Charlie, didn’t you bring a suit with you this time?”

Charlie wade said, “Auntie Lin, butler Stephen told me before that the clothing for the ancestral ceremony was custom-made by the Wade family, so I didn’t bring it myself.”

Angie nodded and said incomparably seriously, “You are returning to the Wade family for the first time today, it is very important what kind of first impression you leave on them, you can’t dress too casually and let others underestimate you!”

As she said that, she pulled Charlie wade and smiled, “Auntie had a suit specially made for you the other day, so come and try it on!”