The Real Dragon Chapter 3313

Charlie wade did not expect that Angie had prepared a suit especially for himself.

When he was wondering, Lord Orrin, who was at the side, said with a smile, “Your Auntie Angie was afraid that when you came to Eastcliff, you didn’t prepare a suit yourself, so she specially asked the best custom-made suit master in London to make one for you.”

Charlie wade thanked, “Thank you, Auntie Angie!”

Angie smiled, “Why are you still polite with auntie? I estimated the size of the suit for the past, I don’t know if it will fit you, come and try it on.”

At this time, Stephanie, who was wearing a dressing gown, also came out of the room with a yawn and said with a smile, “Brother Charlie wade, the suit my mother ordered for you is particularly handsome, it is said that many prime ministers and presidents in Europe and North America are regular customers of that master! You should go and try it on!”

Charlie wade was too gracious to refuse, so he followed the mother-daughter duo to the separate cloakroom upstairs.

The Gu(Sun) family’s walk-in cloakroom, which was larger than a normal bedroom, was at least forty square metres in size. Angie led Charlie wade to a dressing mirror that covered the entire wall, and then took out a brand new black suit from the wardrobe next to it.

Stephanie then took out an ironed, wrinkle-free white shirt and a tie from the wardrobe next to her.

Angie handed the suit to Charlie wade and said with a smile, “Charlie, try it on to see if it fits.”

Charlie wade said, slightly embarra*sed, “Auntie Angie, is there an empty room where I can try on the clothes?”

Stephanie hurriedly said, “Mum, you should go out first, otherwise brother Charlie wade will be shy, I’ll just help him change here.”

Charlie wade said helplessly, “Stephanie, I can do it myself, why don’t you also go back first?”

Stephanie said, “I’m already your child bride, so I have to avoid changing my clothes. ……”

Charlie wade blurted out, “How does that make her a child bride ……”

Stephanie said seriously, “I’ve been promised to you since I was a child, what’s the difference between this and a child bride?”

Angie then said with a smile at the side, “All right Stephanie, don’t tease Charlie, let’s go out first and let Charlie change himself before we come in.”

Stephanie looked at Charlie wade, smiled wickedly, pulled the tie off her shirt, held it in her hand and shook it, and said, “Brother Charlie wade, I’ll tie it for you later.”

After saying that, she went out of the cloakroom together with her mother.


Meanwhile, Helena, who was at Buckingham (Shangri-la) Palace, had also gotten up from bed.

Last night, she had not rested all night because she had been worried that she would go east.

At first, she couldn’t sleep for a long time, but when she did, she kept having all kinds of nightmares and slept for less than two hours intermittently.

She was already in poor health, and the lack of rest she had received in the days she had been in China had made her health a little worse, so last night’s ordeal had simply added to her misery.

When she got up, she felt that her heartbeat had been racing uncontrollably and she was almost on the verge of losing control.

She hurriedly took out a nitroglycerin tablet and put it under her tongue, which made her feel a little better.

However, she was still in a very poor state.

At the thought of being at Wade’s house almost all day today and tomorrow, Helena wondered if her body would be able to hold up.