The Real Dragon Chapter 3316

Helena’s entire body had nearly collapsed!

Only now did she understand that the royal family had asked herself to come to China early to attend the Wade family’s ancestral ritual, but it was actually this idea!

“So, Olivia had already started planning this a long time ago!”

“Separating me from my mother and using her as blackmail to force me to give in, Olivia, you are really a devil!”

Furious, she blurted out, “Olivia, you can’t do this! If you don’t send my mother to China, I will never marry Feb wade!”

Olivia said disdainfully, “Whatever, anyway, your mother is now under surveillance by my people, she has no chance to leave the palace half a step, if you don’t marry Feb wade as promised, then your mother will completely disappear from this world, no one knows where she goes, no one even knows if she is dead or alive!”

Saying this, Olivia laughed harshly, “So, do you think I will k i l l her?”

Helena’s brain was instantly dizzy and she just felt like her heart was beating far faster than her heart could carry on its own.

She felt worse than ever at this point and all she could do was say in a trembling voice, “Olivia, if I have a heart attack and die in China, will you spare my mother?”

Olivia sneered, “Don’t give me any more drama. I asked your health care doctor and he said that you should still have three to five years to live.

Olivia threatened, “Helena, my good sister, just now, your mother has been taken away by my guards and placed under house arrest, from now on, don’t even think about being able to contact her, just stay alive in China and be a noblewoman, as long as you cooperate, your mother will live longer too! I have a lot of business to attend to before I ascend the throne, so that’s all for now my sister!”

After Olivia had said this, she hung up straight away without waiting for Helena to say anything.

By this time, Helena’s entire being had completely collapsed.

She immediately called her mother, but her mobile phone was switched off.

She immediately called the landline in her room, but it was unanswered for a long time.

At that moment, Helena’s whole being was in despair.

She felt her heart beating faster and faster and more and more chaotically, and the pressure was rushing to her head and chest, making her brain more and more dizzy and making it harder and harder to breathe.

Immediately afterwards, she felt her eyes go black and her whole body instantly collapsed to the ground, completely losing consciousness.

Just then, Feb wade, dressed in a black suit, stepped in front of the door to Helena’s room.

He rang the doorbell and waited patiently for a while, but finding no movement inside, he simply tapped on the door and spoke, “Honey, I’m Feb wade, I’m here to pick you up, are you ready?”