The Real Dragon Chapter 3317

At this moment, there was still no response in the room.

Feb wade was a little suspicious, so he couldn’t help but increase the strength of his hand again, rapping hard on the door and shouting, “Helena, are you there?”

There was still no movement in the room.

At that moment, the door of the next room opened and two young women, one with a Nordic face and one with a Chinese face, came out.

Feb wade recognised them, the two women, as the attendants Olivia had brought over from Northern Europe.

So he opened his mouth and asked the Chinese girl, “Where is your princess?”

The Chinese girl spoke, “In the room.”

“How can that be!” Feb wade frowned and said, “I knocked on the door for half a day, but no one attended to me, did she go out?”

“I don’t think so.” The girl spoke up, “If the princess is going out, she would usually tell us.”

With that, she also came over and knocked hard on Helena’s door, shouting, “Your Highness, Your Highness, are you there?”

There was no response from the room.

The Chinese girl’s expression suddenly changed and she immediately took out the room card in her pocket and swiped it at the door, which opened in response to the sound.

Immediately afterwards, the two girls rushed in, one after the other.

Feb wade hurriedly followed him in, but before he could enter the room, he heard a panicked shout from inside, “Your Highness, wake up, Your Highness!”

When Feb wade rushed in, he saw that Helena was lying unconscious on the living room carpet.

The Chinese girl immediately began to apply heart compressions to Helena’s heart, while urging Feb wade, “Call an ambulance!”

“Oh oh oh ……” Only then did Feb wade come back to his senses, he still hadn’t figured out what was going on here, but he could only hurriedly take out his mobile phone and dial the emergency number first.

As soon as the call came through, the operator immediately asked, “Hello, emergency centre, how can I help you?”

Feb wade said in a panic, “Uh …… That …… I’ve got someone fainted on my side …… Uh …… Need an ambulance!”

The operator hurriedly inquired, “Yes, please state the address?”

Feb wade said offhandedly, “The address is the Buckingham (Shangri-la) Palace Hotel …… The room number is …… Room number …… Oops crap, I can’t remember it all of a sudden ……”

The Chinese girl shouted, “8th floor! 8108!”

Feb wade was busy saying, “Oh oh, 8th floor, 8108!”

The caller said, “Okay received, Buckingham (Shangri-la) Palace Hotel, 8th floor, 8108, also what is the condition of the patient that caused the fainting?”

“What caused it?” Feb wade was confused and said, “This …… I don’t know either …… It’s just that he fainted and was unconscious ……”

The Chinese girl shouted, “Congenital heart disease! Severe tetralogy of Fallot! Please send emergency personnel over immediately, and please contact a hospital with emergency cardiology to prepare to receive it!”

Feb wade was stunned, thinking to himself, “Helena has congenital heart disease? Or is it severe? Did that Charlie wade really get it right?”

While Feb wade was in a daze, the operator on the other end of the phone had already heard the Chinese girl’s voice and hurriedly said, “Yes, I’ll arrange it for you! Please make sure you keep the phone open!”

At that moment, the Chinese girl said again to the Scandinavian girl in front of her, “Emily, Her Royal Highness is in a very serious condition, please go and get the defibrillator!”

“Yes!” The girl immediately ran back into the room and in ten seconds or so she came running in with a first aid kit.

As soon as she reached Helena’s side, she immediately took out a portable defibrillator from the first aid kit and began to prepare the defibrillator for switching on. The Chinese girl glanced at Feb wade and shouted, “Get out! We’re going to defibrillate Her Highness!”