The Real Dragon Chapter 3318

Feb wade subconsciously said, “It’s okay, I’ll just watch here, no delay for you ……”

The Chinese girl shouted offhandedly, “Defibrillation is to take off your clothes! Don’t you understand the principle of “Don’t look at me unless I’m polite”? Hurry up and get out!”

Feb wade had to slink out of the room.

At that moment, inside the room, one of the two girls continued to do external chest compressions on Helena, while the other prepared the defibrillator, ripped open Helena’s pajamas and spoke, “The defibrillator is ready!”

“Yes!” The Chinese girl blurted out, “I’m going to count to one, two, three, and after three seconds my hands will be disengaged and you will defibrillate immediately!”


The Chinese girl shouted as she continued to apply compressions to Helena, “One, two, three! Defibrillate!”

As she finished, she withdrew her hands like lightning, and the other girl skilfully took advantage of the gap to place the defibrillator against Helena’s heart and, with a bang, performed the first defibrillation.

As soon as the defibrillation was over, the Chinese girl immediately continued with the compressions, while observing Helena’s condition and spoke, “The princess is still awake, I’ll do a few more CPRs, you keep preparing the defibrillation!”


Two minutes later, when the Chinese girl saw that Helena hadn’t woken up, she couldn’t help but panic a little and spoke, “Energy up to 360 joules, prepare to defibrillate!”

The other girl was startled at this and was about to ask something but held it back.

She also knew that the situation was urgent and that she had to take a chance.

So, she immediately adjusted the defibrillator parameters and performed a second defibrillation.

Unfortunately, this time Helena was still unresponsive.

Both girls panicked a little at this point, and the Chinese girl gritted her teeth and said, “Prepare the adrenaline ……”

The other Scandinavian girl asked in a panic, “Use adrenaline now? The doctor has instructed that the princess must use adrenaline carefully with her heart and not use it until she has to, because I’m afraid she won’t last long afterwards ……”

The Chinese girl blurted out, “If we don’t use it, the princess won’t even be saved! No matter what, we can’t just let the princess go like this, we have to let her leave her last words no matter what, otherwise we can’t go back and explain to Princess Olivia!”

Saying that, the Chinese girl added, “In her current condition, if we delay another minute, the princess won’t be able to wake up again!”

“Alright!” The Scandinavian girl gritted her teeth and took out a closed packaged syringe from the first aid kit, which was already filled with a small amount of clear liquid medicine.

The Chinese girl took the syringe from her hand and, while tearing the package, instructed, “Take out your phone and prepare to record!”

“Yes!” The Scandinavian girl agreed, and then pulled out her mobile phone and turned on the video.

The Chinese girl then aimed the tip of the needle at Helena’s heart, and then stabbed it without hesitation.

The most effective way to administer adrenaline at a time like this was to administer it directly intracardially.

The doctor had said long ago that Helena’s body was such that no adrenaline should be used until it was absolutely necessary, because once it was, the stimulation her heart suffered would cause her other cardiovascular diseases to flare up instantly.

But there was no other way out now, and only adrenaline could bring Helena back, even if only for a few minutes, than to just die outright.

And sure enough!

After a shot of adrenaline was injected into Helena’s heart, Helena’s heart instantly resumed beating.

However, at this point, the heart had become a boiler on the verge of exploding, and even if it barely resumed functioning, it was only at the end of its strength.

Immediately afterwards, Helena, who was in a coma, suddenly opened her eyes!