The Real Dragon Chapter 3327

Seeing Lord wade’s agreement, Helena was overjoyed and spoke almost without hesitation, “Thank you, Mr. Wade, I’ll go back and prepare now!”

After saying that, she looked at the two dumbfounded maids and said, “Hurry up and follow me back!”

Only then did the two of them come back to their senses, not having time to think about what had actually happened, they hurriedly nodded and said, “Yes, Your Highness!”

When Feb wade saw that Helena seemed to be fine, the lewd thoughts in his heart regained the high ground, just now he felt sorry that he had not been able to kiss her, but he did not expect that the opportunity would come again now.

So, he said hastily and attentively, “Darling, let me give you a lift.”

Helena smiled faintly at him and said seriously, “You have more important things to do, so don’t see me off, hurry up and go back to the Wade family with Old Mr. Wade, I’ll go back to the hotel and pack up and come over!”

Lord wade also spoke up, “Little Feb, Helena is right, don’t follow and add to the mess, we still “have to hurry back, I’ll change the time of my relatives’ visit to 9:30, it’s not good to make another delay.”

He then asked Stephen Thompson, “Stephen, have you told Charlie about the postponement?”

Stephen Thompson busily said, “Back to your Lordship, I have already spoken to Young Master Charlie.”

“Good.” Lord wade nodded in satisfaction and sighed, “Today and tomorrow will be the once-in-twelve-year event of my Wade family, and the prelude to my Wade family’s return to the number one family in the country, now that the Banks family has fallen and another member of my Wade family has returned as a tiger, I believe it won’t be long before the Wade family returns to the top of the country!”

Hearing these words, Corran, Feb wade and even Jackson at the side were all a little unhappy in their hearts.

This was because they knew very well that this so-called member of the tiger generals that Lord wade was talking about was Charlie wade.

It seemed that Elder Wade really regarded Charlie wade as a great help to the future Wade family!

Yesterday, his fiancée Helena was taken advantage of by Charlie wade, and not only did the old man not take it out for himself, he even defended Charlie wade, something that had kept him up all night.

Lord wade looked at the time, it was still twenty minutes short of nine o’clock, so he said to Stephen Thompson, “Stephen, hurry up and organise a caravan to pick up Charlie from the Gu(Sun) family, Charlie is the direct son and grandson of our Wade family, it is imperative that he arrives before half past nine to receive these foreign relatives with us.”

“Yes Master.” Stephen Thompson busily said, “I’ll prepare and set off immediately.”

Feb wade’s heart was even harder to bear: “What the f*ck? A mere Charlie wade, and you have to go and pick him up repeatedly? Is he worthy of it?”

But although Feb wade was unhappy in his heart, he didn’t dare to say anything on the surface.

Stephen Thompson hurriedly called for a convoy at this moment, and a few minutes later, a convoy of ten Les Raises had arrived at the hospital gate, and after picking up Stephen Thompson, they drove to the Gu(Sun) family in great haste.


At this time, Helena had already returned to the hotel.

As she walked quickly towards her room, she asked the two maids around her, “Have you reported to Olivia about my heart attack?”

The two looked at each other and neither said anything.

Because they knew they had been exposed, they didn’t dare to blurt out any information related to Princess Olivia at this time.

When Helena saw that they didn’t say anything, she said lightly, “I know you are both Olivia’s people, and I don’t mean anything else, I just think that that incident just now was just a false alarm, so if you haven’t had the time to report it to Olivia, you don’t need to do so for now.”

With that, she continued, “Next, I will try to regain the Wade family’s trust in me and continue to promote the marriage with the Wade family, but if Olivia intervenes at this time, it will probably have a negative impact.”