The Real Dragon Chapter 3329

Lord Orrin didn’t let the others follow, he got up by himself and went out the door.

As soon as he saw Stephen Thompson, he quickly stepped forward to shake his hand and said with a smile, “Stephen! I haven’t seen you for a while! You’re in Eastcliff together, but you don’t come to see me often!”

Stephen Thompson said respectfully, “Mr. Gu(Sun)! I’ve been very busy lately, I haven’t visited you for a few days, you’re looking better and better!”

Lord Orrin nodded and laughed, “Thanks to Charlie, otherwise you’d have to visit me at my grave.”

“Yes!” Stephen Thompson nodded heavily and spoke, “To this day, Young Master Charlie’s skills have become unfathomable!”

Lord Orrin sighed, still holding Stephen Thompson’s hand, and said earnestly, “Stephen, thanks to you quietly protecting Charlie for so many years, this kindness, I, Lord Orrin, will never forget!”

Stephen Thompson bowed with trepidation and said, “Mr. Gu(Sun), you are too kind …… Young Master Bruce wade has shown me a great deal of gratitude, so even if I had to give my life to the ground, I would still be obliged to do so!”

Lord Orrin said, “Four Seas, you have love and righteousness, Brother Wade is right about you!”

Stephen Thompson smiled faintly and said respectfully, “Mr. Gu(Sun), if you want to say that you have love and righteousness, you are more than me!”

Lord Orrin sighed, “Ai! Stephen! It is because you and I are both affectionate and righteous that you have to come and see me more often! You and I were both by Brother Wade’s side and benefited from his kindness back then, we have common experiences and common topics, so we should always have a drink together and reminisce about the past.”

As he said this, Lord Orrin said, “Stephen, to be honest, you’ve always been a friend in my heart, and I believe you’re the same in Brother Wade’s eyes!”

Hearing these words, Stephen Thompson was inwardly moved and his eyes flushed red.

Back then, although he had always followed Bruce wade around and would often come into contact with Lord Orrin, he always felt that he was Bruce wade’s subordinate, while Lord Orrin, on the other hand, was Bruce wade’s brother.

Therefore, his own status was much lower than Lord Orrin’s.

Therefore, after Bruce wade’s death, it was not good for him to take the initiative to contact Lord Orrin and appear to be a bit high up.

However, seeing that Lord Orrin’s words came from the bottom of his heart, he said seriously, “Yes, Mr. Gu(Sun)! You can rest a*sured! As long as you don’t mind me bothering you, I will definitely come to you for a drink from now on!”

Lord Orrin nodded repeatedly, “As long as I’m in Eastcliff, you can come anytime!”

“Good!” Stephen Thompson agreed and asked, “By the way, Mr. Gu(Sun), is Young Master Charlie ready? He has to arrive at the Wade family before half past nine, after half past nine, the representatives of the foreign relatives arrive one after another, today is crucial for the young master.”

Hearing this, Lord Orrin raised his eyebrows slightly, looked at Stephen Thompson and asked seriously, “Stephen, you’ve been secretly protecting Charlie for so many years, you’ve been waiting for this day, right?”

“Yes!” Stephen Thompson said firmly, “Mr. Gu(Sun), I’m not going to lie to you, after personally coffining Young Master Bruce wade back then, I, Stephen Thompson, only lived for two things!”

“The first thing was to witness Young Master Charlie take over the Wade family!”

“The second thing is to witness Young Master Charlie avenge Young Master Bruce wade and Young Lady!”

Hearing this, Lord Orrin once again clasped his hands with Stephen Thompson and said with unparalleled determination, “Stephen! I think exactly the same as you do!”

Stephen Thompson was slightly stunned, then he couldn’t help but sigh and said, “Mr. Gu(Sun), the only thing I’m worried about is that Young Master Charlie has always wanted to draw a clear line …… with the Wade family. If he had always thought that way, he would probably not have bothered to take over the Wade family.”

Lord Orrin laughed harshly, “Don’t worry Stephen! I drank with Charlie for a few hours yesterday and told him all about Brother Wade’s situation back then, he has thoroughly understood Brother Wade’s legacy back then, and he has also decided that he must become the head of the Wade family!”

Stephen Thompson was incomparably surprised and said, “Really?! Then …… That’s really great!!! With Young Master Charlie’s strength, given time, he will definitely be able to become the head of the Wade Family!”