The Real Dragon Chapter 3331

As both the Wade family and the Gu(Sun) family had prepared a motorcade, Lord Orrin simply had the Gu(Sun) family’s motorcade follow as well, to help Charlie wade make more of an appearance.

On the way to the Wade family, Stephen Thompson drove the car himself and gave Charlie wade a detailed report of what had happened to Helena today.

After listening, Charlie wade had only three feelings in his heart.

Firstly, Helena was hiding the truth and had bad intentions.

Secondly, the Wade family was really shameless in dumping the pot.

Thirdly, the fact that Helena and the Wade family had managed to reach a consensus on such a basis proved that both sides were human beings and none of them were frugal.

In addition, he could also deduce that Helena’s current situation should be at the end of her rope.

On the Chinese side, the Wade family would hardly be willing to let her through the door again, while on the Nordic side, the royalty who had threatened her with her mother’s life were unlikely to let her go back easily.

Right now, she could be said to be in a dilemma.

But Charlie wade did not want to help Helena.

For one thing, he did not know her well, and for another, although Helena was pitiful but her heart was too heavy.

This kind of person was not suitable for too much contact.

When the twenty Rolls-Royces drove into the Wade family in great numbers, Lord wade had already led all the members of the Wade family and personally came out to greet them.

In the crowd, Helena had already changed into a very formal dress gown and had put on a very decent make-up, so that it was not at all obvious that she had just walked through a ghostly gate.

At this moment, Lord wade was in a particularly excited mood.

Lord wade had many expectations for Charlie wade.

It was not only because of Charlie wade’s unpredictable strength, and the kind of destructive momentum he had shown against the Banks family and in the Middle East.

It was also because of the mystery that Charlie wade had mastered, the mystery of bringing people back to life and youth.

Not to mention the fact that the incident of Helena biting her finger to save her life happened just over half an hour ago, the entire high society of Eastcliff during this period of time has been trying to understand until now how Lord Orrin went from being a dying patient with advanced pancreatic cancer to being miraculously cured and even twenty years younger.

But unfortunately, Lord Orrin kept his mouth shut and did not say anything to the public, even to his close friends, he did not reveal a single thing.

Others did not know the reason for this, but Lord wade did.

He knew that it was all Charlie wade’s doing.

Because, Charlie wade had said it to Christine himself.

For this reason alone, Lord wade was willing to bow and scrape to Charlie wade.

If he could get twenty years of increased longevity in exchange for his groveling, it would be the most cost-effective deal he had ever made in his life.

However, no one else in the Wade family, apart from Christine, understood what the old man was doing.

It was fine for Charlie wade to come back, as he was after all a first cousin of the Wade family.

But the old man personally brought all of Charlie wade’s uncles, aunts and siblings to greet Charlie wade at the gate, a self-subordination that the group could not accept.

However, Lord wade did not say anything and did not allow them to do so.

When the others saw him coming out, they could only follow honestly.

Soon, the vehicle Charlie wade was riding in came to a stop in front of the Wade family.

Charlie wade looked out of the car window at Lord wade and the Wade family members lined up in two rows behind him, and felt a lot of emotions in his heart.

Back then, when his parents had left the capital in anger with him, none of the Wade family members had sent him off.

Now, twenty years later, he had returned and the Wade family, led by the old man, had all lined up to greet him.

How ironic to compare the two!

And at this moment, Charlie wade sat in the car and had no intention of getting out.