The Real Dragon Chapter 3332

Stephen Thompson had already stepped down from the front car and quickly came to the door of the car where Charlie wade was, took the initiative to pull open the door and respectfully said, “Young Master Charlie, we have arrived.”

Charlie wade nodded gently.

He still didn’t rush to get out of the car, but said to Stephanie inside the car, “Stephanie, it’s hard for you to make a special trip to see me off.”

Stephanie smiled sweetly, “Brother Charlie wade, why are you still polite with me.”

Charlie wade nodded, then said, “Then I’ll go down first, you don’t have to pick me up at night, after I’m done, I’ll have Butler Stephen send me back.”

“Good.” Stephanie was busy saying, “Then I’ll wait for you at home.”

Charlie wade answered, and only then did he walk out of the Rolls Royce.

At this moment, Feb wade was already dying of anger.

He lowered his voice and complained to his father, Corran, who was beside him, “I don’t know where on earth this Charlie wade got such a big stance! Grandpa brought us out to greet him personally, and he didn’t even get out of the car and wait for Butler Stephen to open the door for him! He’s too good at putting up a show!”

Corran glared at him and said in a low voice, “Keep your mouth shut! Don’t you know the words “trouble comes out of your mouth”?”

Feb wade could only shut his mouth resentfully.

Although his heart was still full of indignation, he did not dare to show too much discontent.

Charlie wade got out of the car and did not immediately greet the Wade family members, but stood outside the car, turned around and waved to Stephanie in the car, and watched the Rolls Royce Stephanie was riding in leave before he turned back.

Most of the Wade family members were dissatisfied with Charlie wade’s performance, but Lord wade was not angry at all, instead, he was very excited and went forward to take Charlie wade’s hand, choking back a sob, “Charlie, you’ve been away from home for so long, and you’ve finally returned! God has blessed my Wade family, now that I have lived to see you return to the Wade family, I have no regrets in dying!”

Charlie wade knew that the old man’s words did not have a high degree of credibility.

However, Charlie wade did not refute his face and politely said, “Grandpa, I have made you worry for so many years.”

Lord wade said with emotion, “It’s alright, it’s good to be back! It’s good to be back!”

Saying that, he hurriedly took Charlie wade’s hand and faced the Wade family behind him and said enthusiastically, “Come, Charlie, you’ve been away from home for too long, you may not remember many people, grandpa will introduce you to them.”

At this moment, Charlie wade noticed that Helena, who was in the crowd, had a pair of azure eyes that had been staring at him without blinking.

Charlie wade briefly met her gaze and saw that her eyes were full of gratitude and pleading, so Charlie wade acted as if he didn’t see it and immediately turned to his eldest uncle, Corran.

This was because the first person the old man was going to introduce to Charlie wade was his eldest son, Charlie wade’s eldest uncle Corran.

Although Charlie wade and Corran had not seen each other for twenty years, after all, the middle-aged man’s appearance had not changed much, so he could recognize them at a glance.

Lord wade pointed at Corran and said to Charlie wade, “Charlie, this is your eldest uncle, do you still remember?”

“I remember.” Charlie wade nodded, and also out of respect for etiquette, took the initiative to speak, “Greetings, Eldest Uncle, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.”

Although Corran was more than a little upset with Charlie wade, he still managed the surface work very well and sighed, “Charlie, I’m really so happy that you’re back, Eldest Uncle! For so many years, you don’t know how much we worried about you”

Charlie wade nodded and said politely, “Thank you, Eldest Uncle.”

Corran said with a fake smile, “Charlie, when you come back this time, how long do you plan to spend in Eastcliff? Let your brother Feb show you around Eastcliff properly when you return!”

These words of Corran were also what many people wanted to ask Charlie wade.

They all wanted to know what Charlie wade’s intentions were when he came this time.

Was he coming over to attend an ancestral ritual and then return to Aurous Hill, or had he come and simply not left.

Especially Corran, he knew that the old man was getting old and would soon hand over his power, when he himself would naturally be the next head of the family, and Feb wade would naturally be the candidate for the next head of the family again.

However, killing back a Charlie wade at this time would more or less definitely affect the future direction of development.

Therefore, he had to find out Charlie wade’s intentions first.

Charlie wade, who could not hear the meaning of Corran’s words, smiled slightly and said, “Eldest uncle, I came back this time to acknowledge my ancestors, and after I acknowledge my ancestors, I will become a member of the Wade family again, so the answer to such a question of how long to live should be to live as long as you want!”

After saying that, he added with a smile, “Even if I don’t live here often in the future, I should still ask grandpa to reserve a room for me, because I will definitely come back often!”