The Real Dragon Chapter 3334

Seeing that Charlie wade had already met everyone one by one, Lord wade looked at the time and said cheerfully, “It’s a great thing that Charlie is back, let’s go in and sit down, let’s all have a good catch up together, it’s time for the foreign relatives to come and pay their respects later.”

Seeing the old man’s order, everyone moved together into the main hall of the Wade family villa.

Helena had been following Feb wade’s side and wanted to find a chance to communicate with Charlie wade alone, but seeing that the situation was unlikely at this point, she had to give up for the time being.

At this moment, inside the main hall of the Wade family villa.

In the centre of the large main hall, a fan shape had been set up with a number of huanghuali wood chairs in accordance with the ancestral tradition.

In the middle of the fan was the main seat of the old man, and on both sides of the main seat, there were more than ten chairs on each side.

These, were the seats for members of the Wade family’s direct lineage.

Around the fan, there were also hundreds of simple folding chairs neatly arranged, and these, on the other hand, were seats for the foreign relatives.

Lord wade pulled Charlie wade to the main seat and pointed directly to the seat on the right hand side and said to Charlie wade, “Charlie, if your father were alive, the seat on my right hand side would be his, now that he is gone and you have returned to the Wade family, then this seat, naturally, will be yours!”

Lord wade directly made Charlie wade sit at his right hand, a move that immediately surprised everyone.

This was because according to the rules, when foreign relatives came to pay their respects in a while, the oldest son sat in the main seat, the eldest son in the lower left seat, the second son in the lower right seat, and the sons’ generation sat next to each other to the left and right before the grandchildren’s generation took their turn.

After the grandchildren have been seated, the daughters and granddaughters sit next to each other on the outermost side.

As for grandchildren, they were not allowed to attend, so Christine and Mabel’s husband and children did not come.

As Bruce wade, who was the second son, had already pa*sed away, Bruce wade’s place, according to the old rules, should be taken by Myles, the third oldest, by extension.

At the last ancestral ceremony twelve years ago, Myles did take Bruce wade’s place.

However, this time, Lord wade did not give Myles a chance.

Corran felt that the old man had gone too far in favour of Charlie wade, so he could not help but say, “Dad, Bruce’s son has just returned, I understand that you feel sorry for him, but this rule cannot be changed casually.

Myles’s heart was slightly relieved.

Seeing that Charlie wade was going to take his place, he was most unhappy in his heart.

But he didn’t dare open his mouth to argue with the old man, so it was good that he had his elder brother to stand up and say something fair for him.

Lord wade scoffed at Corran’s words and said indifferently, “The rules are all made by people! I am the head of the Wade family, so I will make whatever arrangements I say.”

After saying that, he looked at Charlie wade and said without any doubt, “Charlie, you will sit here!”

Charlie wade certainly had no opinion.

Now, he was not only going to sit next to Elder Wade, but in the near future, he would also have to replace Elder Wade and sit in that proper seat of the old man.

Therefore, offending Eldest Uncle and Third Uncle today was just a small appetizer.

One day, he would have to offend the entire Wade family.

But it didn’t matter to him, as the saying goes, if you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight.

If he wanted to make the Wade family submit, he had to first offend all of them.

Then, one by one, he would be able to rule over the stinking temper of the bunch of them.

They must be made to learn to bend their backs, learn to bend their knees and learn to submit!

Only then would he be able to sit firmly as the Wade family head.

So, with a faint smile, he said without a second thought, “Good! Then I will sit here!”

After saying that, he simply sat down on his buttocks!