The Real Dragon Chapter 3339

This bloody scene in front of them had struck all the Wade family retainers like a thunderbolt!

Who would have thought that these men would directly kill the most powerful chief steward of the family with a single punch just after a single encounter?

This, what kind of terrifying strength is this?

In an instant, over a hundred of the Wade Family’s guards subconsciously took a few steps back, each of them terrified deep inside!

Lu Hao Tian’s expression was still relaxed as he killed the Wade family’s chief guard with one punch, taking out a handkerchief from his pocket and gently wiping the back of his hand, he looked around and said in a cold voice, “Anyone else who is not convinced, please stand out!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the hundred or so guards of the Wade family retreated a dozen metres one after another.

They had already lost all their fighting spirit when the chief steward was killed by a single blow from the other side just now.

When Lu Hao Tian saw these people retreating one after another, he immediately took out a cigar, lit it up and took a puff, sneering, “Listen to me, I am here to settle a score with the Wade family, not with you, the dogs who are guarding the house. ”

At this point, Lu Haotian’s expression suddenly turned cold, pointing at the dead chief guard in the distance, and said in a stern voice, “But if anyone still dares to stand in my way and speak to me like this dead dog, then don’t blame me for not being polite!”

When the crowd heard these words, their expressions became even more panicked.

The other party’s strength had already surpa*sed them by more than one level, and if they didn’t have the sense to behave themselves at this time, they would only end up worse than the Chief Steward.

So, the gang hurriedly opened the gate, and then one by one, like captives who had surrendered, they lowered their heads and quickly backed up to the sides, completely giving way to the gate of the Wade Family Manor.

Lu Haotian watched the gang’s actions and grunted disdainfully.

In fact, he didn’t want to proceed with this kind of sh*tty thing of sending coffins today at all.

He was one of the four battle kings of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, with the super strength of a six-star martial artist, and as a result, he had come to deal with a group of courtyard fighters like the Wade family who had no strength and no backbone, which was really a bit of a big deal.

However, since it was the order of Hall Master Wan Breaking Jun, he could only agree unconditionally.

However, seeing that the strength of this group of people was so weak that it was negligible, he could not help but feel a little bored in his heart.

Seeing that the gate had already given way, he turned to the elites of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall behind him and shouted, “All of you follow me in, and the flatbed trucks come in together too, and bring the coffin that the Hall Master sent to the Wade family to the door!”

A group of Wan Long Hall elites immediately followed Lu Hao Tian and swaggered into the gates of the Wade family’s manor, while dozens of flatbed transporters behind them also slowly drove in, pulling over a hundred coffins, one after another, into the gates of the Wade family’s manor.

Seeing the convoy enter, one of the Wade family’s guards hurriedly took out his walkie-talkie and blurted out, “Quickly inform the master! A group of unidentified people have barged in! They are extremely strong! The Grand Master has been killed by a single punch!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the man’s forehead was pierced by a cigar that flew at great speed!

The back half of the cigar had penetrated his brain, while the front half was exposed beyond his skull!

The front end of the cigar was still lit, emitting wisps of smoke.

The guard also lost all consciousness in that instant and fell to the ground with a crash, killing him completely.