The Real Dragon Chapter 3341

“Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?!”

Hearing these three words, Lord wade’s younger brother Jim’s entire body shook into chaff as he panicked beyond measure, “How could …… How could it be the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall ……”

After saying that, he looked at Lord wade with trepidation and asked offhandedly, “Big brother …… You …… How could you have offended the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?!”

Lord wade originally did not know much about the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, but the news of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was universally covered low some time ago, so he had also learned a lot about the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

Although the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons had experienced a painful defeat in Syria some time ago, even so, the strength of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons could not be underestimated.

The Ten Thousand Dragons Hall had tens of thousands of elite soldiers, and none of the top bra*s within were martial arts masters. With such strength, some small countries might not be their opponents, not to mention a business family like the Wade Family!

Therefore, everyone present, except for Charlie wade, was so frightened by the name of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall that their legs went weak.

Lord wade, who had always been calm, was actually a bit flustered at this point, and he said with a bewildered expression, “I don’t remember us having any problems with this Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, my Wade family has been in business for so many years, and although we have many a*sets overseas, we have never been to war-torn places to make money …… It’s a completely different world from this mercenary organization ……”

Corran also trembled in his liver in fear and couldn’t help but ask, “Dad, as a mercenary organization with tens of thousands of soldiers, why would they come after us?!”

“I don’t know either ……” Lord wade couldn’t help but ask, “Could there be some kind of misunderstanding?”

Saying that, Lord wade asked again, “Have the rest of you ever had any friction with the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall?”

All of them looked at each other in disbelief.

How had they ever had any dealings with the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

Even those like Jim, who lived overseas all year round, had only heard more about the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, but had never had any involvement with it.

Feb wade couldn’t help but look at Helena beside him and couldn’t help but ask, “Helena, does your Nordic royal family have any conflicts with the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?”

Helena immediately shook her head and said, “Although I’ve heard of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, I’ve never heard of the royal family having any connection with them, and the royal family would never have any contact with such a grey area organisation in order to maintain their image in front of the people.”

“That’s really strange ……” Feb wade said nervously, “The Ten Thousand Dragons Hall can’t just kill people at their door for no reason, they must be targeting something!”

Just as the Wade family was confused, Lu Haotian was no longer prepared to give them time to think.

He said in a cold voice outside the door, “Listen to me, all of you surnamed Wade! You have ten seconds at last, if you don’t come out, I’m going to go on a killing spree!”

When the Wade family heard these words, they panicked even more to the extreme.

Everyone looked at Lord wade, hoping that he, the head of the family, could come up with a solution.

However, Lord wade did not know what to do at this time.

Just then, Charlie wade stood up and said indifferently, “Let’s all go out together, since the other side has already killed at the entrance, it proves that all the Wade family’s guards have been settled by the other side, or all of them have fallen back, this house can no longer provide any protection now, instead of waiting pa*sively here, we should go out and see what the other side really wants.”

As soon as the Wade family heard this, each one of them panicked even more.

They were no martial arts masters, and even hiding in the villa at such a time made their legs feel weak, let alone asking them to go out and face the fierce stars of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall directly.

Lord wade also felt that it was not right to go out directly, so he said to Charlie wade, “Charlie, don’t be impulsive!”