The Real Dragon Chapter 3342

If you are not willing to go out, if he gives the order and these experts rush in, you will all be lambs to the slaughter and no one will be able to escape! ”

After saying that, Charlie wade took a step and walked in the direction of the gate, saying as he walked, “If you are afraid, follow behind me, so that at least if they want to kill, they will kill me first.”

Charlie wade’s words caused Lord wade’s heart to stutter, and then he said in a deep voice, “Charlie’s right, Chief Steward Ma is the strongest of the Wade family’s guards, the other side can easily kill him, let alone ordinary people like us. It’s a blessing, but not a curse! It’s better to listen to Charlie and go out!”

After saying that, he immediately turned around and followed Charlie wade’s lead, striding outside.

The others had also completely given up their illusions at this point and could only follow the old man one after another as he walked towards the door.

Seeing this, Feb wade hurriedly pulled his father and said in a low voice, “Dad, a gun is a bird in the head, since Charlie wade is willing to seek death, let Charlie wade rush ahead and we stand back!”

Corran nodded his head.

He didn’t want to take any risks either, so he deliberately hung at the end of the crowd.

One by one, the crowd came out of the villa, only then did they realize that the other side had already surrounded the entire villa.

In the large courtyard, rows and rows of flatbed trucks filled with coffins were parked in a neat and tidy manner.

When the Wade family saw this situation, they all turned pale with fear!

In all their lives, they had never seen anyone send more than a hundred coffins to other people’s homes, and the impact and pressure of this scene on them was too strong!

The other members of the Wade family had been stunned by the gesture, but Charlie wade was not surprised by the gesture in front of him, he kept looking at the man dressed in white at the head of the other party, because he could see that he was the strongest among these people.

Charlie wade discovered that this man in white was the same as Jerold, who had been captured by himself and brought to China, both were six-star martial artists.

Only, his strength was a little less than Jerold’s, who was already vaguely about to break through, while this man in white was still in the middle stage of being a six-star martial artist.

As for the others around him, they were all a little weaker.

There were three five-star martial artists, as well as a dozen four-star martial artists, and the remaining dozens of people, almost every one of them was at the level of a three-star martial artist.

Charlie wade also had to admit that the strength of this group of people from the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall was indeed too much stronger than the average martial dao family.

It wasn’t easy for an ordinary martial dao family to come up with a three-star martial artist.

But there were as many three-star martial artists in the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons as there were f*cking dumplings, so many dumplings thrown into the pot that could not be finished at once.

At this moment, when Lu Hao Tian saw that everyone in the Wade family looked panic-stricken, he sneered and asked in a stern voice, “Where is the master of your Wade family?

Lord wade was panicking in his heart, but he could only stand out with a stiff upper lip and spoke, “I am the Wade family head!”

After saying that, he looked at Lu Haotian and opened his mouth to question, “My Wade Family asks itself that it has no enmity with your Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, why did you bring so many coffins to kill my Wade Family?”

“No enmity?” Lu Haotian laughed and spoke, “Let me tell you, old man, not only are the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall and your Wade Family not without enmity, but they are not in common!”

After saying that, he added, “I am here today to deliver an order to your Wade Family on the orders of the Lord of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, Wan Bajun, so listen to every word I say next with open ears!”