The Real Dragon Chapter 3344

Even if it means paying tens of billions of dollars as compensation, it would still be a no-brainer.

Hearing this, Lu Haotian said with contempt, “Old thing, our Hall Master’s greatest goal in these twenty years is to make your Wade family pay in blood, this kind of unrequited revenge, do you think a mere ten billion dollars can solve it?”

Lord wade also knew that it was unlikely that the other party would agree in one go, but in business negotiations, no one ever gives a bid in one step, so he immediately said, “If ten billion is not acceptable to your Hall Master, then you can say a figure, as long as it is within the range of my Wade family, I am willing to do it!”

Lu Haotian laughed and said, “I didn’t expect that you old thing would be quite agreeable.”

After saying that, he hummed and laughed twice and spoke, “Old thing, since you want to settle this matter peacefully, then it is not that our Hall Master does not give your Wade Family a chance, as long as your Wade Family agrees to our Hall Master’s three conditions, our Hall Master can spare your dog’s life!”

Lord wade’s heart was overjoyed and he hurriedly said, “What are the specific conditions, please state them clearly! As long as my Wade family can do it, I will definitely do it!”

Lu Haotian nodded and spoke, “Then listen carefully.”

“First! Tonight, go and dig out all the Wade family members buried on Wade Ling Mountain, leave Bruce wade’s coffin behind, and move all the others away overnight! Change the name of Wade Ling Mountain to Wan Ling Mountain, from now on Wade Ling Mountain becomes the tomb of the Wan Family!””

The Wade family’s expressions were horrified!

To move all the ancestral graves of the Wade family away overnight and to rename Wade Ling Mountain to Wan Ling Mountain, wasn’t this a f*cking robbery?

The point is, I’ve heard of people robbing houses and land, but who has heard of people robbing ancestral tombs?

This is no longer a case of robbing a magpie’s nest, this is a case of robbing a magpie’s grave!

But if you robbed a graveyard, so be it, why did you leave Bruce wade’s coffin behind? What exactly is this Wan Bajun’s intention?

While the Wade family was confused, Lu Haotian slowly spoke again.

“Secondly! First thing tomorrow morning, all of you from the Wade family will gather at the foot of Wanling Mountain in mourning, and use the full set of procedures of your ancestral rituals to give our Hall Master’s parents a funeral!”

The moment these words came out, the Wade family members were even more devastated.

The Wade Family Ancestral Ritual Ceremony was to pay homage to the many ancestors of the Wade Family over the centuries.

Now, not only did Wan Bajun ask them to rake out the ancestral graves and move them away overnight, but he also wanted them to wear mourning for Wan Liancheng and his wife!

How could he, Wan Liancheng and his wife, be comparable to the ancestors of the Wade family?

If the Wade family really did this, wouldn’t they be completely humiliated in front of the whole country, and indeed the whole world, and become a huge laughing stock worldwide?

Just as the Wade family was indignant, Lu Hao Tian spoke again, “Thirdly, your Wade family must willingly take out one-half of the Wade family’s a*sets as compensation for the death of Wan Liancheng and his wife!”

The third condition was not originally within Wan Bajun’s consideration.

He had only wanted to humiliate the Wade family with all his might, seize the Wade family’s ancestral tomb, and then bruise Bruce wade to death, and had not thought of asking for the Wade family’s money.

But this time, the losses incurred by the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall in Syria were extremely heavy.

He also knew that when he went to negotiate with Syria next, Syria would definitely take those 10,000-odd prisoners and knock them off.

Therefore, he had to be prepared to bleed heavily.

So, he put the idea to the Wade family, wanting to transfer this part of the loss to the Wade family to bear completely.

And when the Wade family heard this, apart from Charlie wade, one of the others, all of them completely collapsed!