The Real Dragon Chapter 3347

Lord wade knew that the only person who might have a chance to save the Wade family at the moment was Charlie wade.

Apart from Charlie wade, no one else had any chance of saving the day.

However, he was not sure if Charlie wade could carry the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall or not.

Moreover, Charlie wade had never stated his position from the beginning to the end.

Therefore, he was curious to know what exactly Charlie wade’s attitude was now.

At this moment, Charlie wade sighed softly and muttered, “How do I think it should be, huh?”

As he said this, he raised his head and looked at the arrogant Lu Haotian indifferently, gritting his teeth in his heart, “I think I should immediately rush up and rip this dog’s head off!”

However, the dog’s master had not yet arrived, and beating the dog at this time would only disturb the ten thousand broken soldiers behind it.

So, Charlie wade said to Lu Haotian, “For such a big matter, after all, we should be given some time to discuss and consider it.”

After saying that, he smiled faintly and asked, “For such a big matter, I wonder why your Hall Master didn’t come over personally? Since there is a reason for injustice, he should also mention this to us face to face, so that if we have any ideas, we can also communicate and negotiate with him face to face, and it is not quite appropriate for him to keep not showing up, right?”

Lu Haotian said in a cold voice, “Let our Hall Master personally come and talk to you, you are not worthy of it at all!”

Charlie wade was not angry and nodded, “Since we are not worthy of the Hall Master coming over in person, I wonder if we could be given a chance to come to the door and talk to the Hall Master face to face?”

Lu Haotian took a puff of his cigar, exhaled a thick circle under his eyes, and impatiently waved his hand at Charlie wade: “Kid, don’t f*cking bullsh*t me here, just a small character like you is not even a chicken feather in the eyes of our Hall Master, how can you be worthy to talk to our Hall Master face to face?”

The corners of Charlie wade’s mouth twitched slightly, and the urge to slap Lu Hao Tian to death here surged up inside him again, but once again, he suppressed himself when he thought that Wan Bajun had not yet shown up.

He then spoke up and said to Lu Haotian, “In that case, how about giving us a night to think about it, and we’ll get back to you tomorrow?”

Lu Haotian continued to smoke his cigar, shrugged indifferently and sneered, “It’s not impossible for you guys to drag your feet and make a dying struggle if you want to.”

Saying that, he sneered, “Our temple master has said that he will give your Wade family at most one night to think about it!”

“At eight o’clock tomorrow morning, he will bring his parents’ coffin up to Wade Ling Mountain!”

“If you are sensible and willing to accept our Hall Master’s conditions, you should dig out all your Wade family’s ancestral graves tonight, leave the coffins of Bruce wade and his wife, and then all of you should wait for our Hall Master on your knees under Wade Ling Mountain in mourning by eight o’clock tomorrow morning!”

At this point, he turned his words and said in a cold voice with a murderous intent in his tone, “If at eight o’clock tomorrow morning, you have not dug out the Wade family’s ancestral graves and kneeled under the Wade Ling Mountain in mourning, then don’t blame us, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, for exterminating your Wade family’s entire family!”

Charlie wade nodded and said indifferently, “In that case, then please go back and tell your Hall Master that we will see you at eight o’clock tomorrow morning at Wade Ling Mountain!”

Lu Haotian looked at Charlie wade and sneered, “Kid, you seem to have some backbone, I’ll remember you, if you don’t kneel under Wade Ling Mountain tomorrow in mourning, I’ll be the first to take your life!”

Charlie wade also smiled and nodded, “Good, then it’s a deal!”