The Real Dragon Chapter 3349

With this roar, the old master made all those who wanted to speak have the sense to shut their mouths.

Although they could not accept leaving their fate in Charlie wade’s hands, they were also very clear that the old master still had a way back so far.

Therefore, the most important thing they could not do at such a time was to openly turn against the old master.

Otherwise, in case the old master really accepted the other party’s demands and broke the bank, he would naturally look for these people who had openly turned against each other and settle scores afterwards.

Even the eldest, Corran, gave up struggling and took the initiative to step forward, slapping Feb wade fiercely and scolding him angrily, “You uncultured thing! Who told you to talk to your grandfather like that? Why don’t you hurry up and apologise to your grandfather!”

Feb wade knew that he had failed to incite the others, so he could only say in a jarring voice, “I’m sorry grandpa, I was wrong ……”

Lord wade ignored him and instead looked at Charlie wade, asking him with a grave face, “Charlie, do you really not have any specific plans? Do you want to find a way to get some help? Or maybe I should go and try to find a way to move around?”

Charlie wade waved his hand and said indifferently, “No need, when the time comes, the soldiers will come and the water will cover up.”

After saying that, Charlie wade looked at the time and said, “After such a long delay, we haven’t started the process of the ancestor worship ceremony, so let’s go back and discuss our business.

Each and every one of the wade family members now had the heart to die.

The way they looked at Charlie wade was like looking at a severe mental patient.

To still think about the ancestral ceremony at this time, what was the difference between that and thinking about what to drink at night when the gun was at the back of your head?

However, when Lord wade saw that Charlie wade was thinking about the ancestral ritual at this time, he felt a lot more relaxed.

He felt that Charlie wade was by no means a person with a brain problem.

If he was still so relaxed at this time, then he must have a bottom card that he had not revealed.

So, when he saw that the crowd did not react, he immediately opened his mouth and roared, “Did you all not hear what I said just now? This is a special time, from now on, the wade family will listen to Charlie in all matters! Everyone must follow Charlie’s lead!”

The corners of Charlie wade’s mouth smiled faintly.

What he wanted was for the wade family to obey his orders.

Moreover, it was never just some special time.

Rather, from now on, the Wade Family would be under his own control!

Thus, he immediately looked at Feb wade and Jackson and said in a cold voice, “You two, dispose of the bodies of the two guardians!”

Feb wade blurted out with a look of anger, “Why should I be allowed to?!”

Charlie wade frowned slightly and raised his hand to slap Feb wade’s face fiercely as he said coldly, “Get lost if you don’t go!”

Feb wade cursed furiously, “You …… How dare you hit me! You’re f*cking tired of living! I am the eldest grandson of the wade family! You’re nothing, you!”

Today, Feb wade had already received several slaps, but they were all from his grandfather and father, but he didn’t expect Charlie wade to dare to slap himself as well, which made him indignant deep inside.