The Real Dragon Chapter 3351

A few minutes later.

In the entire Eastcliff top family circle, a thunderbolt of news suddenly broke out!

That Wan Liancheng, who was not capable but still insisted on trying to be tough with Bruce wade and eventually failed and chose to commit suicide by jumping off a building, actually had a son!

Moreover, that son was the famous overseas Master of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, Wan Bajun!

What was even more shocking was that this Lord of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, Wan Bajun, had sent someone to kill the wade family, and after killing the wade family’s Chief Protector, he had sent over a hundred coffins to the wade family!

The most creepy thing wasn’t even this.

What was most creepy was that, in order to avenge his parents’ death, Wan Bajun made a series of extremely harsh, even inhumane demands on the wade family!

Moreover, only one night was left for the wade family!

What was even more ruthless was that Wan Long Temple had said that no one was allowed to help the Wade Family out, or else they would be their sworn enemies.

With this statement in mind, many clans that were close to the wade family immediately asked all their members to turn off their mobile phones and stay behind closed doors from now until tomorrow, and they must also stop seeing their guests, they were afraid that if the wade family came to their door for help at this time, even if they received a call from the wade family, they would probably be held in hatred by the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

Therefore, they had to clear all boundaries with the wade family and clear all ties with them!

As the Vandal Dragon Palace is too strong, all the high society in Eastcliff firmly believe that the wade family will be ruined this time, and that even the Great Golden Immortal will not be able to save them!

Everyone believed that tomorrow morning, at eight o’clock, would definitely be the time when the wade family would be destroyed.

Even if the Wade Family finally accepted the demands of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, the Wade Family would be completely withdrawn from the stage of the top families from now on!

Who would have thought that originally the Wade Family would be preparing for the ancestral ritual with great fanfare, thereby announcing to the nation that the Wade Family had officially returned to the top family throne?

But in the blink of an eye, this ancestral ceremony was about to turn into a disaster!

Lord Orrin and Angie, who had been staying at home, had only just received the news.

Originally, Lord Orrin was still waiting for Charlie wade to return and for the two of them to have a drink, but he had never dreamed that the wade family would suffer such a major crisis.

Stephanie was even more surprised when she received the news first. She was so nervous that she immediately dropped her rehearsals for the concert and hurried home. Have you heard about what happened to the wade family?”

Lord Orrin said with a gloomy expression, “I heard about it.”

Stephanie could not control her tears and choked up, “Dad …… That Ten Thousand Dragon Hall is so strong, Brother Charlie wade won’t be in danger, right ……”

Lord Orrin shook his head, “I can’t say anything about this matter, I know something about that Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, it’s very strong ……”

Saying that, he couldn’t help but sigh and said in a serious tone, “This time, Charlie might be in big trouble ……”

“Then what to do!” Stephanie wiped away her tears while she blurted out, “We can’t just stand by and watch!”

“Of course we can’t!” Lord Orrin immediately said, “Don’t worry, I’ll gather all the men I can right now and personally take them to Wade Ling Mountain first thing tomorrow morning!”

Stephanie immediately said, “I’m going too!”

Angie, who was struggling a bit, thought for a moment and then said, “Stephanie, you don’t need to go tomorrow as a girl, I’ll go with your father!”

Stephanie hurriedly asked, “Why, Mom! I want to go too!”

Angie said, “Stephanie! If anything happens to me and your father, you can at least carry on our bloodline, Mom and Dad can’t let you risk anything!”

“I won’t!” Stephanie cried, “Whether you guys agree or not, I have to stay with you and with brother Charlie wade! If something really happens to you guys tomorrow, I, Stephanie, will never live alone!”

After saying that, she immediately took out her mobile phone and blurted out, “I’ll call brother Charlie wade right now, if you don’t let me go, I’ll go to Wade Ling Mountain and wait for you now!”