The Real Dragon Chapter 3352

Lord Orrin hurriedly said: ”Don’t call Charlie yet! He must have something important to discuss with the wade family right now, so you’re not adding to the chaos by calling him now in tears? If you have anything to ask, wait until Charlie returns tonight!”

Then he added, “You two wait at home while I go out to meet some people and see if I can get some more help!”

Angie said, “I’ll call my mother’s family too, see if I can send some people!”

“No need.” Lord Orrin shook his head and said seriously, “You want to come with me to Wade Ling Mountain, I can’t refuse, after all, you and I are both benefited by Brother Wade and Charlie, for reasons of reason, we both have to return this favor to our death, but when we go tomorrow, life and death are uncertain, if anything really happens to us, I can’t explain to your parents, and how can I involve your mother’s family again …… ”


Angie hesitated for a moment, had to nod and instructed, “You should be more careful in everything ……”


Although the entire Eastcliff, were completely shocked by the matter of Wan Breaking Army and wade family, but the news needed time to pa*s, so the cities outside Eastcliff, did not receive the news for the time being.

At this moment, in the office of the chairman of the Moore Group, which was far away in Aurous Hill.

Jasmine, who was busy with her official duties, suddenly received a video call from Ito Nana-chan.

After the video call, Ito Nana-chan, who was also dressed in professional attire and sitting in the chairman’s office of Ito Group, asked her with a smile, “Sister Jasmine, have you been busy lately?”

“Busy. …… I’ve been very busy.” Jasmine gave a bitter laugh and said, “Ever since I took over the Song Group, there has never been a time when I wasn’t busy.”

As she said that, she asked, “What about you? Have you had a lot to do in the last few days back?”

Ito Nana-chan stuck her tongue out and said with a smile, “Just like you, I’ve been busy as hell.”

Jasmine laughed, “You’re so busy and you’re still sending me videos, do you miss your sister?”

“Yes.” Ito Nana-chan laughed, “I’ve been missing sister Jasmine every day for the past few days since I got back.”

She hurriedly added, “Right, Sister Wanting, have you been in touch with Charlie wadejun in the past few days?”

“No.” Jasmine said, “It’s true that there’s been a bit more going on these last few days, so I haven’t contacted Master wade either, why?”

Ito Nana-chan was busy saying, “Sister, it’s already the fourth of April! Tomorrow is the Ching Ming Festival, have you forgotten what we speculated before? Have you paid any attention to whether Charlie wadejun is still in Aurous Hill right now?!”

Jasmine suddenly had an epiphany, slapped her head and blurted out, “Oops! Look at my memory …… If you hadn’t reminded me, I really would have forgotten ……”

At the beginning, Ito Nanaeko, together with Jasmine, had speculated on Charlie wade’s identity.

Ito Nanaeko was inclined to think that Charlie wade was the young master of the wade family in Eastcliff, but suffered from the lack of solid evidence to back it up.

It just so happened that she knew about the wade family’s ancestral festival, so she felt that if Charlie wade had gone to Eastcliff during this time, then he must be the wade family’s young master.

If he hadn’t gone, it was possible that she had guessed in the wrong direction.

Jasmine had also been very curious about this matter.

But she had been so busy with things lately that she hadn’t remembered it when her mind was in turmoil.

Now that she heard Nana remind her, it dawned on her.

So she hurriedly said, “Nana-chan, I don’t know where Master wade is now, why don’t one of us call him and ask?”

Ito Nana-chan laughed, “That’s what I mean, but I’m in Japan, so if I call and ask where Charlie wadejun is, it would seem a bit deliberate, but if you ask, sister Jasmine, it’s more natural, you can say you want to invite him to dinner, or some other reason.”

“Good.” Jasmine smiled, “Then I’ll give Master wade a call later to ask, and when we have the results, I’ll be sure to give you a reply at the first opportunity.”

Ito Nanaeko smiled, “Sister understands me best, I’ll wait for your news then!”