The Real Dragon Chapter 3354 (Charismatic Charlie wade)

And Jasmine was still frozen in place at this time, not knowing what to do for a while.

A few moments later, she picked up her mobile phone and was about to send a video back to Nana Ito, when a message was suddenly sent out by an entrepreneur surnamed Huang in one of her Jiangnan entrepreneurs’ WeChat groups, with the message reading: “Breaking news! Breaking news! The overseas mercenary organisation, the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple, has sought revenge on the Wade family! After tomorrow, there will be no more Wade Family!”

When Jasmine saw this, her heart suddenly tightened and she hurriedly picked up her phone, sending a voice to follow up, “Mr. Huang, what do you mean by what you just said? What happened to the Wade family?”

The other party quickly replied with a voice, “Miss. Moore, haven’t you heard yet? The Ten Thousand Dragons Temple went to the Wade family today and sent over a hundred coffins to their family! It turns out that the parents of their master died because of the Wade family, so now they’ve come back to seek revenge, and they’ve even put out the word that they want to destroy the whole Wade family! Anyone who dares to help the Wade family will be killed without mercy!”

Jasmine asked, “This organization called the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, is it very powerful? How come I’ve never heard of it?”

An entrepreneur surnamed Liu in the group voiced out, “No way, Miss. Moore! You don’t know about the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple? This is one of the top mercenary organisations in the world today, with tens of thousands of elites under its command! They are so powerful that even a small country may not be able to defeat them! The Wade family is dead this time!”

Another person in the group said, “D*mn! I thought the Banks family had finally fallen from the number one position in the country after all the evil they’ve done, but I didn’t expect the Wade family to encounter something like this again, so after tomorrow, won’t the Banks family be back on top again?”

The next voice was sent out, “Mr. Zhang, don’t say anything bad about the Banks family, once the Wade family falls, the Banks family will definitely raise their eyebrows when they return to the number one position, and if anyone reveals your words to the Banks family, then the Banks family will definitely not let you off!

As soon as the words fell, the last voice was immediately withdrawn by the sender.

The more Jasmine listened, the more alarmed she became, and immediately sent a video call request to Ito Nana-chan.

Ito Nana-chan had been waiting to hear from Jasmine, so she answered the video in almost seconds and asked, “Sister Jasmine, have you heard anything?”

Jasmine’s face was full of anxiety and she said out of the blue, “Nana-chan, Master Wade is in big trouble!”

“What?!” As soon as Ito Nana-chan heard this, she asked, “Sister Jasmine, what’s wrong with Charlie wadejun?!”

Jasmine was so nervous that her voice choked up a little as she spoke, “I …… I just called Master Wade and he said he was in Eastcliff reading feng shui for someone else ……”

When Ito Nanaeko heard this, she immediately stared at him with wide eyes and said offhandedly, “So! Charlie wadejun is the descendant of the Eastcliff Wade family! We guessed correctly!”

“Yes ……” Jasmine’s eyes had already burst into tears by now and she said in a panic beyond measure, “But …… Nana-chan …… I just heard someone say …… There is an organization called the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall that is looking for revenge against the Wade family …… It also said …… It also said that it has already killed the Wade family today …… To destroy the whole Wade family ……”

“What?! Ten Thousand Dragon Hall?!” When Ito Nanaeko heard this, her entire body was dumbfounded and said offhandedly, “How could Charlie wadejun have a problem with the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple?! These people are all professional mercenaries who kill without blinking an eye! And it’s said that each and every one of their core members are all top-notch experts!”

Jasmine nodded, “Yes …… I don’t understand why either …… I see a lot of people talking about this matter, as if the Wade family is in a very critical situation right now ……”

Saying that, Jasmine added, “Oh right! That Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall even put out the word that anyone who helps the Wade Family will be killed by all means ……”

When Ito Nanaeko heard this, her brain felt dizzy and she blurted out, “No! I want to go to Eastcliff to help Charlie wadejun!”

Jasmine was busy asking, “Nana-chan, how do you plan to help Master Wade?”

Ito Nana-chan said firmly, “Now that all four Japanese ninja clans have surrendered to the Ito family, I will gather all the ninja today and personally take them to Eastcliff to help Charlie wadejun!”

As soon as Jasmine heard this, she immediately said, “Good! Then I will go back and discuss with grandpa, and also prepare the manpower as soon as possible, so that we can meet up in Eastcliff!”