The Real Dragon Chapter 3357

As the ninjas from the four major ninja clans in Japan began to a*semble and prepare to rush to Eastcliff, many people in Aurous Hill also began to get busy.

At the Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace Hotel.

Xion, who had also received the news, said to her mother, He Yingxiu, at the first opportunity, “Mum, I want to go to Eastcliff to help Mr Wade!”

He Yingxiu said, “Xion, have you forgotten what Mr. Wade told you? Your identity is too sensitive now, the Japanese are still looking for you and have even had Interpol issue a wanted notice for you, if you go to Eastcliff at this time, you will probably be caught before you can help Mr. Wade!”

After saying that, He Yingxiu added: “Xion, listen to mum, stay here peacefully, as for Mr. Wade’s side, mum will go to Eastcliff now to find your grandfather, first thing in the morning, I will definitely go to Wade Lingshan with your grandfather and the others to help Grandmaster Wade face the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall!”

Xion shook her head without hesitation and said, “No! I must go!”

Mr. Wade has not only saved my life, he has also given me a great opportunity, and even given the He family a great opportunity.

He Yingxiu said with difficulty, “But how can you go to Eastcliff in this condition now? There are face recognition systems everywhere now, you might be discovered before you even get on the plane!”

Xion left and said, “If we can’t take the plane, then we can drive! The two of us will take turns driving, and we’ll be in Eastcliff in 11 or 12 hours, almost at two o’clock tomorrow morning. We’ll go find Grandpa and the others when we arrive, and then we’ll go up to Wade Ling Mountain with him tomorrow!”

He Yingxiu’s face was full of hesitation, and he didn’t know what to do for a while.

But after thinking about it for half a day, she gritted her teeth and nodded her head, “Okay! Then let’s go now!”

She immediately found a pair of masks and sungla*ses, handed them to Xion and said, “Put on the masks and sungla*ses, you have a special status and it’s not convenient for us to stop and eat on the way, you go wait for me in the car first, I’ll prepare some food and meet you in the car in ten minutes! The car is parked in the underground garage of the hotel, it’s a Range Rover with a tail number of 331,”


Ever since Charlie wade had arranged for He’s family to stay at their villa by the Aurous Hill River and for He Yingxiu to stay with Xion at Shangri-La, he had Isaac Cameron give He Yingxiu a car to facilitate her daily commute between the two places.

Soon, the mother-daughter duo were ready to drive the car, speeding north.


At the same time, Jasmine and the Moore family’s elders were ready to leave for Eastcliff.

The Moore family is weak and has no bodyguards or guards to speak of, and there is not even a single three-star martial artist in the family.

However, Master Moore still gathered all the bodyguards in the family and, together with Jasmine, rushed to Eastcliff overnight.

Elder Moore knew very well that in the face of an existence like the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, there was no way that he, and the Moore family, could be of much help.

However, in order to repay Charlie wade’s kindness, he still decided to go to Eastcliff with his granddaughter.

Even if he could not help Charlie wade, at least he would stand by his side at critical moments!

As for Jasmine, her heart had long since flown thousands of miles to Charlie wade’s side. When her beloved was in such a crisis, she no longer cared about her own life or death, she only wanted to see him as soon as possible and stand by his side steadfastly no matter what dangers lay ahead.


Zara, who is also the daughter of a large family, was equally distraught after learning the news.

She told her mother, Deana, about the matter and asked nervously, “Mom, is there anything you can do to help your benefactor in this matter! I’ve looked into the situation of that Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, I’m afraid that Charlie wade is in a bad way this time ……”

I’ve done some research, and I’m afraid that your father will be in a bad way this time ” Deana pondered for a moment and spoke very seriously, “Since the master of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons is the son of Wan Liancheng, he will more or less give your father some face. Wade family a ray of hope ……”

“Really?” Zara heard about this matter and asked excitedly, “That Wan Liancheng, is really my father’s man?”