The Real Dragon Chapter 3358

“That’s right.” Deana nodded, “Your father is as kind to the Wan family as a mountain, so to speak.”

“That’s great!” Zara said excitedly, “It just so happens that this time, Your Grace also wants to bring my dad to Wade Ling Mountain to make amends for his parents, since my dad he is kind to the Wan family, if Your Grace uses my dad as a condition at that time, he will definitely be able to force Wan Bajun to back off ……”

After saying that, she said with some anxiety, “No, I have to go to Eastcliff! I’ll be waiting at Wade Lingshan early tomorrow morning, otherwise in case my dad is unwilling to cooperate, I can also persuade him!”

Deana also nodded approvingly and said, “Your father is indeed very kind to the Wan family, if your father is really willing to make peace with this, there should be some room to ease the matter!”

After saying that, Deana looked at the time and said, “Zara, hurry up and book a flight, mum will go back to Eastcliff with you!”

Zara said, “Mom, you shouldn’t go …… It’s too dangerous!”

“He was two or three years older than your brother, so your brother liked to play with him when he was young, and they had a very good relationship, and when he saw your father and me, he was also very respectful, so I believe he couldn’t do anything to me, and if he knew who you were, he couldn’t have done anything to you either.”

Saying that, she added emotionally, “When the time comes, I will also beg him to show mercy, I believe it will be more or less useful ……”

Only then did Zara nod and said, “That’s good …… Mum! I’m going to book a flight now, let’s go there as soon as possible!”


Meanwhile, Don Albert had also heard about the matter between the Wade family and the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

When he learned of this matter, he was also very anxious and immediately called Isaac Cameron to ask about the details.

As an ordinary spokesman of the Wade Family, Isaac Cameron was not qualified to go to the Wade Family today, but was at the hotel with the other spokesmen, waiting to go to Wade Lingshan when the Ancestral Ritual Ceremony was held tomorrow.

He was not terribly worried when he learnt about it.

This was because he, along with Don Albert and Liam, had all seen Charlie wade’s great divine ability.

Back then, under the Changbai Mountain, the situation when Charlie wade had induced heavenly thunder to split an avalanche and directly took away the Eight Heavenly Kings in one wave was still vivid in their minds.

Therefore, he did not feel that the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall would be Charlie wade’s opponent.

Precisely because he was convinced that Charlie wade would not lose to the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, Isaac Cameron had been advising the other spokesmen of the Wade Family who wanted to flee at the hotel, hoping that they would stay and survive with the Wade Family.

However, this persuasion did not have much effect, as many of them were afraid that once the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall became angry, they would not even spare them as spokespersons, so they left without greeting each other.

Seeing that most of them could not be persuaded, Isaac Cameron was cursing these people for their short-sightedness, when to his surprise, a phone call came from Don Albert.

When Isaac Cameron picked up the phone, he heard Don Albert on the other end of the line say, “Mr. Cameron! I heard that someone is trying to target Master Wade, have your men in Aurous Hill rushed over to support you? I can still gather at least ten thousand of my men, if not I’ll drive over with my men now!”

Isaac Cameron said helplessly, “Don Albert, do you think the young master’s name of ‘Master Wade, the True Dragon of the World’ came for nothing? If that Wan Bajun dares to come up to Wade Ling Mountain tomorrow, I’m afraid that Young Master will kill him by invoking a thunderbolt, so there’s no need for the two of us to come and hold up the show?”

The young master’s parents are also buried there, so if you bring so many thugs here, not only will you not be able to help, you will also disturb the young master’s parents’ peace.”

When Don Albert heard this, he was relieved and at the same time, he hurriedly agreed and said, “Yes, yes, it’s still Mr. Cameron who is right! Master Wade has great magical powers, so he really doesn’t need the help of my gang of shrimp soldiers and crab soldiers.”

As he said that, he suddenly remembered something and said, “Why don’t I bring some people over, in case Grandmaster Wade goes on a killing spree, someone has to help clean up the corpses and so on, and maybe if a heavenly thunderbolt comes down and splits that Wan Breaking Army, my men can also help converge it.”

Isaac Cameron laughed and said, “Don’t you dare, your men all know the young master, in case someone’s mouth is not strict enough and reveals the young master’s true identity, it will cause trouble for the young master! If you want to come, just come and meet the world yourself! Graham Quinton, Miss Moore, and Zeke White’s side should all keep their mouths shut, they don’t know Young Master’s identity!”

“Good!” Don Albert busily said, “Then I’ll go to the airport and take the earliest flight there!”