The Real Dragon Chapter 3361

Seeing Helena’s fierce reaction, the girl could not help but look a little flustered and hurriedly explained, “Princess Helena, you have misunderstood …… Princess Olivia is thinking that based on the current actual situation, the royal family can no longer continue the marriage alliance with the Wade family, so she wants to let you go home and rest.”

“I don’t believe it!” Helena immediately refused loudly, “There is absolutely no way that I will go with you! If you want to go, you can go yourselves!”

The girl immediately said, “Princess Helena, if you refuse to carry out the royal order, you will be removed from the royal family in the future! Please consider carefully!”

Without hesitation, Helena blurted out, “Then remove me! No matter what, I will not go with you!”

Seeing that Helena was obviously alerted, the girl immediately exchanged glances with the other girl.

Immediately afterwards, the two of them, one on the left and one on the right, stepped aggressively towards Helena.

The Chinese girl said with a bit of coldness under her breath, “Princess Helena, since you refuse to co-operate, don’t blame us for not being polite!”

Helena was so nervous that she backed up and said, “Don’t come any closer! This is China, not Northern Europe, you have no right to interfere with my personal freedom!”

The Chinese girl suddenly accelerated violently, her figure was at once quite swift, very different from her previous soft temperament, at a glance she was professionally trained, not a martial artist, but at least a qualified agent.

The other Scandinavian girl was no less fast and agile than the Chinese girl. The two of them used a pincer attack to force Helena into a corner and then grabbed her arms left and right.

The Chinese girl said with an expressionless face, “Princess Helena, I’m sorry!”

With that, she dragged Helena straight out.

At this moment, Helena was already desperate to the extreme, but the Wade family members around her had no intention to come out to help her, and even Feb wade did not say a word.

In fact, the Wade family had already seen it in their hearts.

Helena was the pawn of the Nordic royal family to exchange for resources, but now, the Nordic royal family knew that the Wade family had offended the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, so they had changed their minds, and no matter where these two women wanted to take Helena, it had nothing to do with the Wade family anymore.

What’s more, even if the Wade family forced Helena to stay, there would be no point in doing so. Once Helena turned against the royal family, she would probably be removed from the royal family immediately.

A princess who was removed from the royal family would have no value whatsoever?

So as far as the Wade family was concerned, wherever they took Helena, it had nothing to do with them at all.

Seeing that no one from the Wade family was willing to help, Helena was extremely scared inside, so she looked at Charlie wade and shouted in panic, “Charlie wade …… Please …… Save me ……”

Charlie wade did not expect Helena to ask for help, he looked at Helena expressionlessly and asked her, “I only met you yesterday, I’m not a relative, why should I save you?”

Helena choked out, “If you hadn’t saved me, I would have been dead …… Even if they don’t kill me, I’m afraid they’ll force me on someone else to continue being a pawn ……”

At this point, her eyes were red and filled with tears as she looked at Charlie wade and pleaded, “Since you have already saved me once, please be a good person and don’t let them take me away …… If you can save me this time, I am willing to work for you in the future ……”

When the Chinese girl heard this, she immediately said in a cold and threatening voice, “Helena! Princess Olivia told me to remind you that you must think about your mother before you refuse! If you don’t come with us and insist on getting rid of the royal family’s control, then you can wait for your mother to die in the wilderness!”

When Helena heard these words, she was struck by lightning.

After a few moments, she seemed to have resigned herself to her fate and nodded gently, saying in a dismayed voice, “Fine …… You have won …… I’ll go with you guys ……”

The girl was relieved and spoke, “It’s good that you can think clearly, hurry up and go, the plane is already waiting!”

Helena looked at Charlie wade and said gratefully, “Charlie wade, thank you for saving my life anyway …… Please take care of yourself for tomorrow!”

Just as she finished her words, she was led by the two women and headed for the door.

Charlie wade suddenly spoke at this time, “Hold on!”