The Real Dragon Chapter 3364


Helena’s whole being broke down even more when she heard this.

In her heart, she actually knew very well that marrying Aman Ramovich should be the best solution now.

Thinking of this, she looked at Charlie wade, gave a miserable laugh and said, “Ever since my father died and ever since I was deprived of the right to inherit the throne, I have lost all reliance in the royal family.”

“A member of the royal family who has no reliance, in the royal family, is reduced to a bargaining chip that the royal family can take anytime and anywhere in exchange for benefits ……”

“So, for me, to truly resolve this situation of having no one to rely on and being at the mercy of others in a meaningful way, I must first find a powerful person I can rely on ……”

Speaking here, Helena suddenly closed her mouth.

The rest of her words were not good for her to say in front of Charlie wade as well as the Wade family.

Because, originally, the Wade family was considered a good person to rely on, but now the Wade family’s calamity was coming, and I was afraid that it would be difficult to protect itself.

Therefore, if she wanted to change her fate, the only way was to find a new person to rely on.

Only then can she get her mother back from Olivia’s hands.

Amano Ranovich, I am afraid, is the best choice at the moment.

At this moment, Charlie wade also saw what she was thinking inside, smiled playfully and asked her, “You are thinking that the current Wade family no longer has a way for you to rely on, so you can only be forced to choose that Amanranovich, right?”

Helena looked at Charlie wade incomparably ashamed, and although her eyes kept dodging, every time after dodging again, she looked at him again with those big red eyes.

After a moment, Helena choked up and said, “I know that you will definitely look down on me when I make this decision …… But …… But I can’t ignore my mother, she’s the only family I have in this world ……”

At this point, she couldn’t help but lower her head in shame, “I’m afraid …… I’m afraid I can only choose the path to St. Petersburg ……”

The Chinese girl was relieved to hear this and hurriedly spoke up, “Princess Helena, going to St. Petersburg is never a bad thing! I am sure you will be able to phoenix and regain your life with the help of Aman Ramovich!”

Helena laughed miserably, then raised her head, looked at Charlie wade and said with immense gratitude, “Charlie wade, thank you …… I will remember your kindness to me for the rest of my life …… I’m just sorry that my next choice may fill you with disappointment about my personality, I hope you can understand me ……”

After saying that, she bowed deeply to Charlie wade.

Then, she turned her head to look at the Chinese girl and spoke, “I will go with you!”

Charlie wade didn’t say anything, he just saw Helena’s tears breaking at the moment she turned around, something suddenly came to his mind and he spoke, “Stop.”

Then she dried her tears and turned her head to look at Charlie wade, asking respectfully, “Mr. Wade, do you have anything else to tell me?”

Charlie wade smiled lightly and asked her, “Helena, instead of going all the way to St. Petersburg and marrying someone older than your father, why don’t you try to go back to Northern Europe and reclaim the throne that was originally yours?”