The Real Dragon Chapter 3365

This statement from Charlie wade shocked everyone at the scene, including Helena, beyond addition!

The crowd speculated, what the hell were Charlie wade’s words? Was this the typical paper talk and daydreaming in the art of war?

It was too bullsh*t, right?

It felt as if one person asked another person, saying: “It’s over, the chairman is going to fire me, what should I do now?

The person suddenly says, “What are you afraid of? Just replace him as chairman and fire him.

At first glance it sounded reasonable, but in reality it was bullsh*t!

So Charlie wade’s suggestion was, in the eyes of the others, outrageous, outrageous to the core.

But Helena did not feel outrageous.

Her blue eyes stared dead at Charlie wade and asked somewhat nervously, “wade …… Mr. Wade, could it be that you …… Could it be that you have a way for me to go back and inherit the throne?”

Charlie wade nodded and said, “Of course I have a way, it depends on whether you want it or not, as well as whether I want to give it or not.”

Helena blurted out almost without the slightest thought, “I want it! I’d dream of it!”

After saying that, she immediately took a few quick steps and returned to Charlie wade, kneeling on the ground with a poof and pleading, “Mr. Wade, if you can help me take back the throne, I would sacrifice everything to repay your kindness, even if it means giving up my royal interests!”

To Helena, she was now cornered by Olivia.

In this situation, isolated on her own, she had only one option, which was to give up all resistance and obey Olivia’s arrangement.

As for fighting back, it was an extravagance that she did not even dare to think about.

But now, Charlie wade had given her a chance to fight back in a desperate way.

If it was really possible for her to regain the succession to the throne, then all the pa*sivity and tribulations she and her mother had endured would vanish into thin air.

That, for Helena, would be enough.

It would be perfect if she could take the throne and make Olivia pay.

As for the future royal interests, it was nothing to her.

If Charlie wade had a need, she would even be willing to contribute all of her royal interests without any hesitation.

Besides, she was now filled with hatred for Olivia, and she was willing to agree to all conditions just for the sake of revenge!

When Charlie wade saw that Helena was so on board, his expression was slightly satisfied as he nodded his head.

He could certainly help Helena regain the throne, but he would not do such a good deed for nothing.

Unless Helena could properly cooperate with his future needs for the Nordic royal family after he regained the throne.

Although the Nordic royals didn’t have much money, their noble status was also hard currency in Europe.

After becoming the head of the Wade family himself, he would have to take the Wade family to the world, and Europe would naturally be an indispensable piece of business territory.

If he could have the presence of the Nordic royal family behind him, it would be very beneficial to his future foray into Europe.

So, he looked at Helena and said indifferently, “Remember what you said today, after you become the Nordic Queen in the future, don’t forget your promise today, otherwise, I can push you up and pull you down.”

Helena immediately nodded heavily, raised her right hand and said solemnly, “I, Helena Iliad, swear to God that if Mr. Wade can help me take back the Nordic throne, I will obey Mr. Wade’s commands in this life and never break my oath!”

“Good.” Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and opened his mouth to ask, “How long does your grandmother have to live?”