The Real Dragon Chapter 3366

Helena said, “My mother just told me that Grandma can probably still last a few days to a month.”

Charlie wade smiled faintly, “Then there is no rush, you should go back to the hotel today and rest, tomorrow you are invited to come along to visit the Wade family’s ancestral ceremony, after the ceremony is over, you will be sent back to Northern Europe.”

With that, Charlie wade said to Lord wade, “Grandpa, inform the Concorde to be ready to take off tomorrow afternoon, and take Helena back to Northern Europe after the Ancestral Ceremony is over.”

Charlie wade’s decision left Lord wade, who had been extremely defensive of Charlie wade today and had even authorised him to take full charge of all the affairs of the Wade family for the time being, confused.

Sending Helena back to Northern Europe at this time? Wasn’t this asking for trouble?

He couldn’t help but wonder in his heart, “What does Bruce’s son want to do …… The family’s affairs have not yet been settled, why is he still thinking about the Nordic royal family? Is he really thinking of going to Northern Europe to help Helena reclaim the throne succession?”

The other Wade family members were also dumbfounded.

What the hell ……

I don’t even know if he’s going to be dead or alive tomorrow, and he’s still talking big about going to manage the Nordic affairs?

Lord wade coughed awkwardly twice and asked Charlie wade: “Charlie, I don’t know if the matter of Wade Lingshan tomorrow will be resolved smoothly, if we offend the Nordic royal family again because of Helena’s matter, it’s really a bit more than worth the loss ……”

Charlie wade blandly said, “Don’t worry, just do as I instructed.”

Corran also blurted out at this time, “Charlie wade! Do you think that by arranging a plane and sending Helena back, she will automatically get the right to inherit the throne? If you send her back like this, it will only be a sheep into a tiger’s mouth!”

Helena also said nervously, “Mr. Wade …… Olivia has clearly warned me that I am not allowed to return to Northern Europe, if I go back in a hasty manner, she will definitely keep me under control!”

Charlie wade said blandly, “All that is needed is for you to do your best to ensure that you can have a private meeting with your grandmother before you are controlled by her, if you can’t even do that, then I can’t help you.”

Helena said with some confusion, “It shouldn’t be too much of a problem to find a way to meet your grandmother, but …… meeting Nana will solve everything?”

Charlie wade nodded, “That’s right, as long as you can meet her, the throne must be yours.”

Helena felt incomprehensible, but seeing Charlie wade’s words, she was more or less convinced in her heart.

So, she gritted her teeth and said firmly, “Yes Mr. Wade! Everything is at your command!”

Charlie wade looked at the time and said to Don Albert and Isaac Cameron, “These two women, you guys keep a close watch on them first.”

Don Albert said offhandedly, “Master Wade don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything!”

Charlie wade nodded and said to Stephen Thompson, “Housekeeper Stephen, drive me back to my home and take Helena back to the hotel by the way.”

“Good!” Stephen Thompson nodded, did he, “Young master wait a moment, I’ll go and prepare the car.”

Seeing that Charlie wade could no longer hold back, Lord wade spoke, “All of you, follow me and see Charlie out.”

When the senior gave the word, the Wade family dared not disobey and could only follow him and escort Charlie wade and Helena to the main entrance.

Stephen Thompson parked the car at the gate, took the initiative to pull open the door and said to Charlie wade, “Young master, please get in.”

Charlie wade let Helena get into the car first, and then was about to get in himself when Lord wade came forward, took Charlie wade’s hand and asked in a low voice, “Charlie …… Tell grandpa the truth, how sure are you about tomorrow’s event?”

Charlie wade smiled faintly and said lightly, “Half.”

“Half?” Lord wade’s expression was a little disappointed, but he still smiled reluctantly and said, “Half isn’t bad!”

“Hmm.” Charlie wade nodded and said, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”

“Good.” Lord wade was busy saying, “Take care on the way, I’ll see you tomorrow morning at Wade Ling Mountain!”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.”