The Real Dragon Chapter 3367

When Charlie wade got into the car, the expressions of the Wade family members were all very dishevelled, and even Lord wade felt apprehensive.

But Charlie wade, who was sitting in the car, had an expression of bemus*ment.

He was not at all worried about tomorrow’s events.

On the contrary, he had some vague excitement in his heart and even a bit of impatience.

Because, he was only one step short of the final step to ascend to the top of the Wade family, and that final step was Wan Bajun himself!

Stephen Thompson drove out and dropped Helena off at Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace first.

The car stopped at the entrance of Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace, and Charlie wade spoke, “Helena, go back and rest well, tomorrow morning at six o’clock, I will ask Butler Stephen to arrange a car to pick you up.”

“Okay!” Helena nodded gently and said, “Mr. Wade you also have a good rest today, you have important things to do tomorrow after all.”

Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, “I know, you can call housekeeper Stephen if you need anything.”

“Okay Mr. Wade.” Helena nodded respectfully and said, “If you don’t have anything else, I’ll get off first.”


Seeing Helena get off the bus and enter the hotel, Charlie wade said to Stephen Thompson, “Housekeeper Stephen, let’s go.”

“Okay Young Master.”

Stephen Thompson drove the car out of the hotel and asked Charlie wade respectfully, “Young master, how sure are you about tomorrow?”

Charlie wade said blandly, “Full marks.”

Stephen Thompson was slightly startled, slightly stunned, but quickly recovered as usual and asked in confusion, “Then why did you tell Master that you were only half sure?”

Charlie wade laughed, “I can’t let him sleep too peacefully tonight, nor can I let the rest of the Wade family sleep too peacefully!”

Speaking of this, Charlie wade hummed lightly and said, “I have to make them all restless and toss and turn, making them spend the longest, darkest as well as the most unforgettable night of their lives!”

“Only then, tomorrow when I finish off the Wan Breakers, will they truly know what it’s like to live after a robbery!”

When Stephen Thompson heard this, he was stunned for a moment, then he couldn’t help but smile slightly and said, “Then it seems that I’ll be able to sleep well tonight!”

The corner of Charlie wade’s mouth rose slightly as he smiled, “Sleep solidly, just don’t let the other Wade family members know.”

Stephen Thompson couldn’t help but ask again, “Young Master, that matter of helping Helena reclaim the throne, are you serious?”

“Yes.” Charlie wade nodded and said, “Helping her reclaim the throne is really too easy, at most, only half a rejuvenation pill is enough to make her grandmother willingly pa*s the throne to her!”

Saying that, Charlie wade lamented, “For an old man who has almost died once, once she can come back to life, what with Olivia and Her Majesty, it’s all a floating cloud!”

“There’s nothing that makes them more demented than being able to open their eyes again and see the world.”

Stephen Thompson knew a little more about Charlie wade than everyone in the Wade family.

He had heard of such things as the Spring Return Pill.

Hearing Charlie wade’s solution, he put his heart down, but he couldn’t help but say, “Young master, the Spring Return Pill is worth a fortune, and you and Helena are not related, so why are you taking such good care of her?”

Charlie wade looked out of the window and said indifferently, “The Wade family’s business at home, has almost reached the extreme, the next step is naturally to develop overseas, and the ocean shipping group that Zara and I are working with, also needs resources and connections in Europe, if Helena inherits the throne, it will be much easier for us in Europe, in the future.”

He added, “Besides, as you know, there are more constitutional monarchies in Europe, and these royals who have lost their power like to huddle and find a sense of existence. With Helena’s help, we will be able to quickly establish good cooperation with these European royals, and our future development can be achieved with half the effort.”