The Real Dragon Chapter 3368

Stephen Thompson immediately nodded and said, “Young master is far-sighted, in your hands, the Wade family will definitely be able to flourish in the future.”

Charlie wade smiled lightly and remembered something, so he asked him, “By the way, Butler Stephen, his old man, the one who was Wan Breaking Jun, was also a member of the Anti-Wade Alliance back then, right?”

“More than just a member.” Stephen Thompson was busy saying, “Wan Liancheng was supported by Zayne, and he obeyed Zayne’s words, so he was definitely the backbone of the Anti-wade Alliance.”

“So that’s how it is.” Charlie wade said with a smile, “Then in that case, that Wan Bajun, should have a lot of respect for Zayne, right?”

Stephen Thompson said, “In theory, that should be the case, after all, Zayne was the benefactor of the Wan family back then, without his support, Wan Liancheng wouldn’t even be a fart in Eastcliff.”

Charlie wade nodded and smacked his lips with a playful expression, “That would be interesting, after Wan Broken Jun goes up to Wade Ling Mountain tomorrow, if he sees Zayne in my hands, I wonder how he would feel.”

Stephen Thompson smiled faintly and said, “It seems that Young Master has already got his mind made up!”

Charlie wade laughed lightly and said, “Butler Stephen may not know that the supreme commander of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall in Syria is now also imprisoned with Zayne, first thing tomorrow morning, I will bring him along with me to Wade Lingshan, so that even the Ten Thousand Broken Jun will know what a f*cking surprise is!”

After saying that, he hurriedly instructed, “Housekeeper Stephen, don’t go to Gu(Sun)’s house first, you take me to another place!”


Twenty minutes later, a farmhouse on the outskirts of Eastcliff.

Stephen Thompson had just driven the car to the entrance when the iron door of the farmhouse was opened from the inside.

Lord He, with two young men from the He family, quickly ushered them in and, seeing Charlie wade get out of the car, said respectfully, “Mr wade!”

Charlie wade nodded slightly and asked Lord He, “Those two people, what is their condition?”

Lord He was busy saying, “Several people are staring at them with rapt attention, there are several people surrounding them even when they go to the toilet, nothing will go wrong.”

Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, “Go, take me to have a look.”

Lord He nodded, flashed his head, made an invitation gesture, and respectfully said, “Mr. Wade please!”

Charlie wade turned to Stephen Thompson and said, “Housekeeper Stephen, let’s meet an old acquaintance together.”

Stephen Thompson busily said, “Yes young master!”

A late member of the He family walked quickly ahead and led Charlie wade and Stephen Thompson into the west room of the farmhouse.

In a room of less than twenty square metres, seven or eight members of the He family were gathered in a circle, and inside the circle were two men who were tied to the seats with their heads tied to death and had black cloth bags placed over their heads.

When Charlie wade saw this situation, he thought to himself, “It was only a matter of tying up Zayne, Jerold is now more obedient than a dog, so there is no need to go to such great lengths.

However, the He family was serious and responsible, so naturally he could not say such things to avoid discouraging the He family.

So, Charlie wade went straight to his hands and ripped off the black cloth bags that were placed over the two men’s heads.

At that moment, he saw that both Zayne and Jerold still had towels stuffed in their mouths.

When Zayne looked up and saw Charlie wade, his eyes and expression immediately became a little nervous and fearful. Seeing how nervous he was, Charlie wade removed the towel from his mouth and said with a smile, “Aiya Mr. Banks, don’t be so scared, I just came over to see you, and by the way, I have some good news for you.”

Zayne was even more nervous at hearing this and couldn’t help but ask, “You …… What good news do you …… have?”

Charlie wade smiled and asked him, “Mr. Banks”” doesn’t know if he has heard of the organization Ten Thousand Dragon Hall?”

Zayne frowned and said in a depressed manner, “Of course I know about the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple …… You …… You made me stay in Syria for so long, there is a war over there all day long, isn’t it the people from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons who fight Hamid?”

“Right.” Charlie wade nodded and laughed, “To tell you the truth, you may not believe it, the head of this Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons is even an old acquaintance of yours!”