The Real Dragon Chapter 3369

“An old acquaintance?!”

Hearing this, Zayne said with an incredulous face, “But I don’t know any Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall at all …… How could he be an old acquaintance of mine?”

Charlie wade laughed, “To say he is an old acquaintance is probably not quite appropriate, I should say he is one of your juniors, and has a pretty deep connection with you.”

“How could ……” Zayne felt very puzzled, afraid that Charlie wade deliberately found a trumped up charge to toss himself, so he hurriedly spoke, “Mr. Wade …… I really don’t know any Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall …… Is there some kind of misunderstanding here?”

Charlie wade shook his head and asked him, “Was Wan Liancheng one of your men back then?”

Zayne did not expect that Charlie wade would ask about Wan Liancheng, who had been dead for twenty years.

Subconsciously, he said, “Yes …… But Wan Liancheng has been dead for twenty years …… What does he have to do with the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall?”

Charlie wade laughed, “This Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall is the son of Wan Liancheng, his name is Wan Breaking Jun, you should still remember, right?”

“What?!” Zayne was struck by lightning as he blurted out, “Broken Jun he …… He has actually become the Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?!”

“Yes.” Charlie wade smiled and asked him, “How about it? Do you feel both surprised and excited to hear this news? Does it feel as if all of your grey life has blossomed into a million rays of light in this instant?”

Zayne could not help but feel a little panic in his heart when he saw Charlie wade’s eyes with a bit of playfulness.

Hearing that Wan Bajun was the famous Master of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, he was indeed excited deep inside.

Because his first thought was that he would have the backing of the powerful Ten Thousand Dragons Hall and his freedom would be restored soon!

However, seeing Charlie wade’s expression without any fear, he could not help but feel a drum in his heart.

In his heart, he thought, “Why is Charlie wade smiling so strangely? Is he not afraid of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall at all?”

Thinking of this, he suddenly looked at Jerold beside him and immediately had an answer in his mind!

“How could Charlie wade be afraid of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall …… The Ten Thousand Dragon Hall had just lost a Battle King at his hands, as well as over 16,000 mercenaries, Jerold was so strong, but he didn’t have the slightest ability to fight in front of Charlie wade, with this kind of strength, how else could Charlie wade possibly put the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall in his eyes?”

At this thought, Zayne instantly became quite disillusioned.

It seemed that the light of hope had just lit up, and then instantly went out again.

Charlie wade continued at this time, “You and Wan Breaking Jun, you haven’t seen each other for twenty years, I think?”

“Yes ……” Zayne nodded and spoke, “After his mother committed suicide back then, I always wanted to bring him home to adopt him, but to my surprise, he had already been taken out of the country first, and I never found him after that.”

Charlie wade smiled faintly and said playfully, “Then tomorrow I’ll let you two uncles and nephews meet after twenty years of separation and catch up!”

Upon hearing this, Zayne asked nervously, “Broken Army he …… He’s come to China?”

Charlie wade nodded his head and smiled, saying, “Not only has he come to China, he’s also grown up! Today, he had someone send more than a hundred coffins to the Wade family, saying that the Wade family should wear mourning tomorrow morning at eight o’clock, welcome his parents’ coffin into the Wade Ling Mountain, or else they will exterminate the whole Wade family.”

Saying that, Charlie wade remembered something and added, “Oh yes, he also named my parents’ coffin and half of the Wade family’s a*sets, don’t you think he is quite outstanding?”

After hearing this, Zayne only felt his brain buzzing.

He didn’t know why, but seeing Charlie wade’s appearance at this moment, he had already decided in his heart that Wan Bajun would definitely lose tomorrow!

So, he subconsciously said offhandedly, “Mr. Wade Broken Army …… Broken army he …… must have some pent up resentment towards the Wade family because of the death of his parents back then …… Please also see to it that he is avenging his parents’ death, don’t be ordinary with him ……”

Charlie wade raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile, “What? You just don’t think that much of him?”