The Real Dragon Chapter 3373

Today, after Lord Orrin heard about the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall killing the Wade family, he went out and begged everywhere.

He originally wanted to rely on brushing his old face and begging for more help for Charlie wade.

However, now all the members of the great families of Eastcliff had taken the matter by storm.

The fame and strength of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was so powerful that everyone in these great clans of Eastcliff had concluded that the Wade family was bound to die this time.

Therefore, no one wanted to have any further involvement with the Wade family at this time.

This was also the reason why Lord Banks had started to get carried away so early.

It was because in everyone’s opinion, there was no way the Wade family would be able to escape this time.

The Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was like a swarming steel chariot that could easily crush the Wade Family’s flesh and blood beneath its wheels!

Therefore, when these people heard that Lord Orrin still wanted to go to Wade Lingshan to help, they were scared and refused repeatedly.

Not to mention coming to help, they didn’t even dare to say a few more words to Lord Orrin, and sent him straight out of the house like a plague.

Lord Orrin ran around for a day, but it was all for nothing, and he was also angry.

His blood pressure had risen so high by the time he returned that he almost pa*sed out.

At this moment, he was lying down in the living room and receiving antihypertensive medication, with his wife Angie watching over him.

Hearing Stephanie’s words, Charlie wade hurriedly said, “Quickly take me to see Uncle Gu(Sun), he is a person who has taken the rejuvenation pill, how can he still be angry into high blood pressure, what kind of anger is this ……”

Saying that, Charlie wade pulled Stephanie and rushed into the villa with a single step.

Once he entered, he saw Lord Orrin lying on the sofa, cursing while infusing fluids, “These motherf*cking snobs, usually surround me like dogs wagging their tails and begging for mercy, now that I asked them to contribute some manpower and support me, they all want to beat me out of the house, what an A**hole!”

Angie couldn’t help but advise him, “Alright, alright, calm down first, don’t let these people upset you.”

Lord Orrin said in a depressed voice, “I’m not angry, I’m just anxious! I’m afraid that tomorrow Charlie won’t be able to fight that what the hell what dragon’s temple ……”

Seeing this scene, Charlie wade couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t worry Uncle Gu(Sun), no matter how powerful that Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons as well as that Ten Thousand Broken Jun are tomorrow, I will be able to take them all.”

When the couple heard Charlie wade’s voice, they hurriedly looked over.

Lord Orrin struggled and then sat up, saying offhandedly, “Charlie is back!”

Charlie wade nodded and quickly stepped forward and said to Lord Orrin and Angie, “Uncle Gu(Sun), Auntie Lin, this little matter of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall is actually not enough to be feared at all, you don’t need to worry about me at all.”

Lord Orrin was surprised and asked, “Charlie, you …… You do have a way to deal with that Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?”

Charlie wade laughed, “To such a small character, it’s not even possible to talk about dealing with or not dealing with.”

Saying that, Charlie wade added, “I’ve actually been waiting for that Wan Breaking Army to come to my door, as long as he dares to come, I will trample it under my feet and then logically ascend to the Wade Family’s headship.”

Speaking of this, Charlie wade shrugged his shoulders and smiled, saying, “If he doesn’t come, I really don’t know where to start with this matter of accepting the Wade family, the old man is in his prime, I can’t pull him down hard from the position of the family head.”

Lord Orrin was overjoyed and said with great excitement, “Charlie! What you said is true?!”

Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “Of course, how could I lie to you about such things? Didn’t you want me to become the head of the Wade family, to inherit my father’s legacy, and then to carry the Wade family forward? As the saying goes, if you don’t break it, you can’t build it! If the Wade Family is not in crisis at all, how would it willingly allow me to sit as the head of the family?”

“Therefore, the best way is to break and then establish!”

“And this Wan Broken Army is the hammer that will help me break the Wade Family!”

After hearing Charlie wade’s words, Lord Orrin froze for a few seconds, then subconsciously asked, “Charlie, this Wan Long Hall is actually very strong, with tens of thousands of people under its command, you can hardly beat four hands with two fists, let alone so many people!”

Charlie wade laughed, “Uncle Gu(Sun), don’t worry, it’s true that there are a lot of people in the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, but the majority of them are mercenaries that they pay for, if something happens above, these people will immediately scatter, and their real core team is only about a hundred people, not enough to be feared.”

He said, “Besides, they wouldn’t dare to bring a lot of people into China with great fanfare, at most, they would just be a bunch of cadres quietly mixed in.”

Lord Orrin added: “I have heard that almost all of their cadres, one by one, are martial arts masters, and some of them are extremely top martial arts masters, can you handle it?”

Charlie wade smiled and said, “I was in the Middle East some time ago and fought with the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, indirectly causing them to lose thousands of lives and more than 10,000 people were captured, and one of them, one of the four war kings whose strength was second only to that of the Ten Thousand Broken Jun, was no different from a waste in front of me, I have already captured him and also had him brought to Eastcliff, tomorrow morning I will bring him up to Wade Lingshan to go.”

Lord Orrin said, dumbfounded, “Charlie! Rumours in the jianghu say that this Ten Thousand Dragons Temple suffered a huge defeat in the Middle East some time ago, and this matter is related to you?”