The Real Dragon Chapter 3374

Charlie wade nodded and laughed, “It can almost be said that they owe most of that defeat to me.”

Lord Orrin’s jaw dropped as he listened, and after a long time, he couldn’t help but look up at the sky and laugh!

Then, he laughed aloud, “Hahaha! That’s great! That’s great! In that case, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall is not an enemy at all, but a friendly army that has crossed ten thousand f*cking miles to bring you a pillow!

After saying that, he smoothly removed the infusion needle from his wrist and flung his hand at Angie, “Wife! Quick! Prepare the food and wine! I want to have a few drinks with Charlie! I want to get drunk tonight!”

Angie was equally excited, but she didn’t expect her husband to be ready to drink after he had been given the antihypertensive medicine on the first foot and had the needle removed on the second.

So she laughed helplessly, “You’re having an infusion, how can you drink?”

But Lord Orrin retorted, “Drink! We have to drink! This is much more enjoyable than New Year’s Eve! It’s better than Chinese New Year!”

What Lord Orrin didn’t know was that Lord Banks was thinking the same thing at the moment.


This night, it suddenly rained lightly in Eastcliff.

At this time when the spring rain was silent, there were many people who lost sleep and many people who got drunk on wine.

The first to fall intoxicated was the elderly Lord Banks.

He could not help it, he was too happy tonight.

After the Banks family had suffered one huge blow after another and had been torn apart, he had finally come to an exciting moment.

Because he had suppressed it for too long before, he was already a little overjoyed at the moment.

Banks Anshun brought over a bottle of Maotai, and he drank more than half of the bottle himself, while the remaining small half was poured onto the floor by a gla*s, all toasting Bruce wade.

He said that he wanted to toast Bruce wade of the Wade family, but in fact it was just to satisfy the pleasure deep inside him.

At the end of the drink, Lord Banks looked back at himself as he quietly rushed back to Eastcliff alone with Banks Anshun, without a single child or grandchild around him or a single family member, and his heart was incomparably melancholy.

He drank a few more gla*ses and cried and laughed for a long time before he finally fell asleep and was sent back to his room by Banks Anshun.

Also drunk was Wan Bajun.

Tomorrow morning, he will take his parents’ coffin out of their ancestral tomb and take it to Wade Ling Mountain, so he plans to spend the night in front of their grave.

After 20 years of enduring humiliation, he was finally going to avenge the death of his parents, and he was so excited that he drank several pounds of white wine at their graves.

Originally, with his strength, he was able to force all the alcohol out of his body through his inner strength, but he did not do so because he really wanted to get very drunk.

On the other hand, Lord Orrin was also drunk, so drunk that he was almost unconscious.

It was Charlie wade who helped him back to his and Angie’s bedroom.

He was too happy tonight.

After a long day of worry, fear and frustration, he suddenly got good news from Charlie wade, a low start and a high end, which made him excited.

When Angie took care of Lord Orrin and went to bed, Stephanie took Charlie wade’s hand and was unwilling to let go of it for a long time in the living room.

Charlie wade persuaded her to go to bed, but she refused with all her might and insisted on leaning on Charlie wade’s shoulder on the sofa.

She said that this way she could always feel Charlie wade’s presence, because she was afraid that when she woke up, Charlie wade would have already left home and gone up Wade Ling Mountain alone.

Charlie wade knew that this girl cared for herself, so he let her go.

So the two of them sat on the sofa and talked about the past until Stephanie couldn’t stay up any longer and fell into a deep sleep.

Charlie wade just sat on the sofa and let Stephanie lean against him, and did not move or fall asleep all night.

All he could think about was how he would inherit his father’s legacy and bring the Wade family to the top of the world.

Although he knew very little about the situation overseas, he felt that the road to prosperity had already taken shape and was just waiting for him to set off!

And, in the same way as Wan Bajun, he also hopes to one day avenge the death of his parents!