The Real Dragon Chapter 3383

When the crowd heard Charlie wade’s words, they all dropped their jaws in shock.

They had come with good intentions to help Charlie wade plead with Wan Bajun, but Charlie wade was still saying crazy things, wasn’t this cutting himself off?

Feb wade was on the verge of hating Charlie wade and cursed in his heart, “This Charlie wade is really going to die if he doesn’t act tough! Even Deana has come to help, and you’re still pretending to be a p*ssy? What? According to you, you’re going to beat the sh*t out of Wan Bajun later, right? She’s here to help you, but you’re telling her not to plead for Wan Bajun.

Not to mention Feb wade, even Lord wade, the old man, felt that Charlie wade was pretending too much.

In his heart, he couldn’t help but sigh: “The Banks family’s first wife has personally come over here and is ready to plead for you, why can’t you give a positive response? Not only did you not thank her, you are still putting up a front here. If she gets angry and leaves, there will be no tears to cry!”

Jackson was also on the verge of collapse and whispered to his father Myles, “Dad! This guy Charlie wade, really is the old king of p*ssies …… The Ten Thousand Dragons Temple is almost under the f*cking control of the city, people Deana came to help, even if he said ‘no’ is enough of a pretence, but he can still say such words …… In this world, for a second person, can not think of this kind of pretentious method, really f*cking god ……”

Myles said with a black face, “God my a*s, isn’t this just f*cking giving up your face and not knowing how to lift it up?”

Behind Myles, there was a young man of only 14 or 15 years old, he was Jackson’s own brother, named Ezra, he said at this point dumbfounded, “This …… This is clearly what we used to say among our cla*smates, ‘King of P*ssies, King of Kings’ ah, even if you die, you still want to pretend to finish the last p*ssy, really remarkable!”

Myles gave him a direct slap on the head and scolded, “You go to school every day like a man and a dog, and you go to the best Eton College, what the hell are you learning!”

Ezra covered his head, not daring to answer.

At this moment, the other Wade family members also felt that Charlie wade was a bit shameless, and were even afraid that Deana would get angry and leave because of this.

But when Deana heard this, instead of getting angry, she truly put her heart down.

She and Zara both knew that Charlie wade was very powerful, but neither of them knew if Charlie wade could actually defeat Wan Bujun and the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall.

But now that they saw how confident Charlie wade was, they both believed that it was not that Charlie wade was arrogant and arrogant, but that Charlie wade was indeed completely sure of himself.

Charlie wade was not deliberately refusing Deana’s good intentions, nor was he deliberately trying to make Deana uncomfortable.

He said this because he was really afraid that in a moment Deana would turn around and plead for Wan Breaking Jun.

After all, Wan Bajun was the only bloodline of Zayne’s old gang, and with Wan Liancheng and his wife dead, if he really wanted to kill Wan Bajun here, who knew if Deana would feel sympathy and then plead for him?

If he did plead for mercy, the nature of this matter would completely change. He had originally come to help Charlie wade, but ended up helping Charlie wade’s opponent after coming here.

Therefore, Charlie wade felt that he had to put his words in front of him, as long as she didn’t plead for anyone later.

When Deana heard this, she immediately understood in her heart that Charlie wade didn’t put Wan Breaking Jun in his eyes at all, while she had to come and plead for him, which was really a bit of looking down on him.

Thus, Deana hurriedly said, “Sorry Mr. Wade, it was my poor consideration.”

Charlie wade was busy saying, “Auntie Deana, I don’t mean anything else, I just hope that you can remain neutral.”

Deana nodded, “Okay Mr Wade, I’ll make a note of it!”

Corran hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Deana! He is young and vigorous and is not willing to bow down and give in at such a time, but if that Wan Breaking Army really kills us later on, you must say something good for us!”

With these words, Corran said what the other Wade family members had in common.

Deana only smiled lightly and said, “Brother, you should have more trust in Mr. Wade, since he has said so, I believe he is absolutely sure.”

Corran sighed with a stifled sigh, “Ai! That’s because he lacks understanding of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, otherwise he definitely wouldn’t be able to say something like that!”

Charlie wade didn’t say anything, he just stared down the mountain without turning his eyes.

At this moment, the mist was gradually dispersing, and the scenery around Wade Ling Mountain gradually emerged.

It had to be said that this was indeed a rare feng shui treasure, and if one looked around the country, there were almost a handful of people who could achieve this kind of feng shui masterpiece.