The Real Dragon Chapter 3385

Jackson didn’t expect Feb wade to suddenly open his mouth and insult him, so he said angrily, “D*mn it, are you sick? You’re biting like a mad dog!”

“I’m f*cking happy!” Feb wade said in a cold voice: “Jackson, wait for me, if this goes away today, I won’t spare you! Don’t forget, I’m the eldest son and grandson of the Wade family, even if the Wade family kneels down and its a*sets shrink by half, I’m still the eldest son and grandson, you’re still separated from me by Charlie wade, what the hell are you?”

Jackson wanted to retort, but after thinking about it, he felt that what Feb wade said seemed to be reasonable, so he couldn’t help but shrink his neck.

At this time, eight buses also drove up to the mountain.

It was a good thing that when Wade Ling Mountain was first built, a large open platform was made halfway up the mountain, so there was more than enough room to stop the eight buses.

After the bus stopped, the first person to come down from the bus at the front of the row was the Moore family’s old man.

This was followed by Jasmine, who was dressed in a black dress.

Jasmine’s appearance once again stunned everyone.

Many of them knew about Ito Nanaeko, after all, she had fought in China before, appeared on TV, and had flamed out of the ring in Japan.

However, hardly any of these Wade family members knew anything about Jasmine.

No one had expected that a woman from a small place in Aurous Hill could be so beautiful, with a remarkable and unmistakable temperament.

Next to get out of the car were several underlings of the Ito family.

The first two underlings each carried a folding wheelchair, which they opened immediately after getting out of the car.

They then helped Yohiko Ito and Koichi Tanaka, who had lost their legs, out of the car and placed them carefully on the wheelchairs.

Once they were both seated in their wheelchairs, a woman stepped out of the car.

The woman was dressed in a black kimono with a white cherry blossom pattern, her long hair coiled on top of her head, and she was not only gentle, but also had impeccable features.

Her appearance caused everyone in the audience to look a little lost in thought.

She was the recognised Yamato Nadeshiko of all Japan, the current head of the Ito family, Nanaiko Ito!

The appearance of Nadeshiko Ito instantly shocked everyone beyond belief.

Feb wade’s eyes went straight as he watched.

He had seen photos of Nadeshiko Ito in news reports, but never in his wildest dreams did he think that this Japanese woman would look so beautiful, much more beautiful than in the photos and videos!

This beauty and aura that he saw with his own eyes was like a fairy coming out of a painting, which made him feel a strong sense of unreality.

Jackson was also dumbfounded, and the envy and jealousy deep inside him could not be described in words long ago.

At this time, more than 200 people came down one after another from the back of the car, many of whom had steely faces and athletic bodies, and were practitioners at first glance.

This made the Wade family feel even more relieved.

It was said that there were only about a hundred experts from the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple in the country, but now, the people who came to help Charlie wade one after another had already numbered more than two hundred, so at least there was a little support in the formations.

What’s more, there was also Deana, the Banks family’s first wife, who would be able to get the other side to open up from the level of human kindness.