The Real Dragon Chapter 3386

So it seemed that the chances of crossing this calamity were a little higher again.

At this moment, the Moore family’s grandfather and grandson, and the Ito family’s father and daughter, came together in front of Charlie wade.

The oldest one, Elder Moore, was the first to speak, “Master Wade! I have heard that you are in some trouble, so I have come with the Ito family to do my small part for you!”

Ito Yohiko also spoke up, “Mr. Wade! All of the four great clans of Japan have over a hundred top ninjas here, no matter what their opponents are, they will fight with all their might!”

Ito Yohiko did not dare to mention the words “Ten Thousand Dragons Hall” because he was afraid that if these ninjas heard that, their military spirit would be affected.

And as soon as he said this, almost every member of the Wade family was shocked and excited!

The shock was that they didn’t expect that Ito Yohiko of the Ito family, who had both his legs broken, would still come to China to help Charlie wade!

What’s more, he had brought the best ninjas in Japan with him.

They had heard about the strength of the Japanese ninjas, which was basically similar to the martial artists in China.

Although they did not know, the real strength of these Japanese ninjas could probably be equal to several star martial artists, but one thing was for sure, every one of these ninjas was considered a martial artist.

The strength of over a hundred ninjas, even if they were not as strong as the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, was certainly not to be underestimated, and they might actually be able to fight with them.

Besides, wasn’t there still the He family here?

Moreover, there is also Xion, a long-lost expert, who was able to wipe out the Matsumoto family in Japan, so her strength must not be weak either.

The strength of the Moore clan is also quite impressive.

At this moment, Ito Nana-chan looked at Charlie wade, her eyes deep in emotion, her tone certain, and even with a sense of worldly affairs as if she was returning, and spoke, “Charlie wade-kun! Nana-chan is also ready to fight with all her might! No matter who wants to trouble you today, we will not agree!”

Feb wade saw this and cursed in his heart, “What the hell is going on here? Where the hell is Charlie wade? Where the hell is he? Even Nadeshiko Yamato, one of Japan’s top national treasures, was in love with Charlie wade! How can anyone live with this?

Jackson also broke down and cried out in his heart, “D*mn it! I’ve never seen so many top-notch beauties in all my life, but all of them seem to like Charlie wade! Why? Why can’t there be one for me, Jackson, out of all these beauties?!”

The rest of the Wade family were also shocked beyond belief by Ito Nana-chan’s attitude.

But what shocked them the most was actually Charlie wade’s unbelievable connections.

Originally, they had thought that Charlie wade had merely taken the Emgrand Group given by the old man as well as ten billion in cash.

In the end, in most of their hearts, Charlie wade was just a dangler who couldn’t make it to the top.

But who would have thought that, at a time when the Wade family was in such dire straits and even the side branches of the family had all run away, so many people would come to Wade Lingshan to help Charlie wade!

Among them, not only were there local families from Aurous Hill, there was also the He family, who was very well known in the martial arts field, the trillion dollar Lord Orrin family, and even the first wife and first lady of the Banks family had also come.

Not only that, but what was most unbelievable was that even the Ito family from Japan had come with so many people.

Looking at the Wade family again, not only did all their relatives run out, but not even a single friend came.

Just this kind of rubbish connections of the Wade family, in front of Charlie wade, it was not even a fart!

Lord wade also really didn’t expect that Charlie wade would be able to manage such strong connections and that so many people would be willing to risk their lives to help him.