The Real Dragon Chapter 3389

Lord Banks was on the verge of breaking his legs at this point, panting and saying, “Broken …… Broken Army …… Wade family this …… This is rather …… Rather die than give in ah ……”

Wan Broken Jun said disdainfully, “Since that’s the case, let’s all go to hell!”

After saying that, he took the lead and stepped towards the pagoda of the Wade family’s ancestral tomb, while Charlie wade also stepped below the pagoda at this time.

Apart from Lord wade and Charlie wade’s sister-in-law, Mabel, the rest of the Wade family did not dare to walk too far forward, and all of them tried to step back.

However, those who had rushed to Charlie wade’s aid, one by one, stood by Charlie wade’s side, and even the few girls did not look half afraid.

Zara recognized at a glance that the old man in mourning in the other camp was none other than his own grandfather, Lord Banks, and immediately asked in astonishment, “Grandpa, you …… What are you ……”

Lord Banks never dreamed that his granddaughter would be here!

When he looked down at the mourning clothes he was wearing, he felt his face burning, and he wanted to open a crack in the ground and go in.

When he was embarra*sed, he suddenly saw Deana beside Zara, and when he saw that Deana also looked surprised and had a bit of contempt, his face got even hotter.

Lord Banks was just trying to avoid Deana’s eyes when he spotted another figure in the crowd that shocked him!

It was his other granddaughter, Zayne’s illegitimate daughter, Xion!

At this moment, Lord Banks was in shock: “Xion is actually still alive ……”

“Why is her mother here too?”

“And lord He! D*mn, why did the He family all come to help the Wade family?!”

Lord Banks was getting a little angry in his heart, but on second thought, he thought to himself, “So what if the He family is here? They are no match for the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall!”

When Lord wade saw Lord Banks at this moment, he was also very annoyed in his heart and could not help but say, “Aiya, so it’s Brother Banks! You’re so old, who are you wearing mourning for? Is it possible that you have a new godfather at such an age?”

Lord Banks’s face was burning hot and he blurted out, “Lord wade, you’d better care about yourself! After today, there is only one way for your family to die! If you don’t wear mourning and kneel down to beg for mercy, your family’s ancestral grave will be razed!”

Lord wade said sternly, “Lord Banks, you old dog! You’re buried up to your eyebrows and bones, and you’re still wearing mourning! How shameless! I, Lord wade, will not be like you, an old dog who wags his tail in front of outsiders for the sake of profit!”

Lord Banks was furious, “You Wade’s are all good, since you are all so powerful, then you should seek your own luck!”

At this moment, Wan Bajun stepped forward and came to a stop three meters in front of Charlie wade.

He looked at Charlie wade and the others in front of him and said in a cold voice with gritted teeth, “Wade, yesterday I already sent word to you all that if you wanted to live, you should wear mourning and kneel to greet my parents’ coffin today, but to my surprise, none of you did so! It seems that you are all not afraid of death!”

At this time, Charlie wade smiled lightly, “I don’t know if others are afraid of death, I only know that I am not!”

Most of the Wade family were nervous as hell, Corran even whispered to Feb wade, “Quick! Go quietly and bring the mourning clothes over!”

Feb wade nodded his head in a panic, backed up cat-like, and took out two sets of linen mourning clothes from the pile of items for the ancestral ritual, then immediately tucked them into his arms like a thief.

What he didn’t expect was that Jackson also took out several sets of mourning clothes from a tin box containing incense, and also tucked them into his arms, like a pregnant woman.

They both looked at each other and saw the surprise in each other’s eyes, and guessed each other’s intentions, then they both ignored each other and turned their heads and slipped into the crowd again.