The Real Dragon Chapter 3395

Who would have thought that such a change would happen on the spot? Who would have thought that the full power of a six-star martial artist’s strike would only end up in the eyes of Charlie wade as “weak as a woman”?

Who would have thought that the full force of a six-star martial artist’s strike would only end up with such an unbelievable comment as “as weak as a woman” in Charlie wade’s eyes!

Lu Haotian couldn’t even care about his anger.

He just stared dumbly at his own fist and muttered, “This …… This can’t be …… This is never possible ……”

Wan Breaking Jun was also confused.

Although he couldn’t figure out how exactly Charlie wade had done it, he had realized that this Charlie wade was by no means simple!

And at this moment, the Wade family members, as well as the people who had come to help Charlie wade, were equally shocked, but deep inside, they had already started to cheer!

A six-star martial artist hadn’t even been able to do anything to Charlie wade, so this proved that Charlie wade did have the strength!

At this moment, Feb wade couldn’t care less about his usual dissatisfaction with Charlie wade and whispered to Corran, “Charlie wade, he …… He really knows martial arts? I see that this person can’t help him at all!”

Corran nodded repeatedly, his expression having become much more relaxed, and spoke, “So it seems that this fellow Charlie wade has some real skills!”

Saying that, Corran hurriedly instructed in a low voice, “Observe again, if Charlie wade can really take care of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, then hurry up and hide the mourning clothes again, don’t let anyone find out!”

Lord wade was also excited at this time, as he looked at Charlie wade’s side face, his mind recalled the look of Bruce wade’s vigorous, cross-armed appearance back then, and unknowingly, his eyes were already filled with tears.

He could not help but feel: “Back then, the Wade family did not dare to follow Bruce wade and try to make a big effort, so that Bruce wade ran away in anger and finally died in another country ……”

“For this, for nearly twenty years, my heart has been very remorseful ……”

“Now, seeing the way Charlie stood in front of the Wade family and the Wade family’s ancestral tomb, standing on his sword, makes me see the shadow of Bruce wade again ……”

“Perhaps, this also means that this old bone of mine will give way to him when the time comes ……”

At this moment, the others in the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall were also unable to comprehend the scene before them.

One of them, a black-skinned man, asked Wan Breaking Jun in a low voice, “Hall Master, the white-clothed Tiger King’s strength is still above mine, and that strike he made just now was indeed very impressive, how exactly did that guy across the street manage to defuse it?”

Wan Bajun’s expression was grave.

How did he resolve it?

He didn’t know either.

All he knew was that Lu Haotian was in danger this time!

And he had promised himself in front of his own parents, as well as the spirits of Charlie wade’s parents in heaven, that no one from the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall would ever be able to come forward to help.

This also meant that Lu Haotian had to face Charlie wade alone.

So, he immediately shouted at Lu Haotian, “Haotian! Make sure you give it your all!”

Lu Haotian’s expression almost twisted as he murmured in his heart, “I …… I just gave it my all …… Do you really want me to fight him to the death?”

Charlie wade frowned when he saw that Lu Haotian had been dumbfounded.

Immediately afterwards, he suddenly raised his hand and slapped Lu Haotian across the face, saying in a cold voice, “What the f*ck are you dumbfounded about? I told you to come again, didn’t you hear me?”

Lu Haotian was dumbfounded by the slap.

Charlie wade did not use much force, but the insult was extremely strong.

Lu Haotian did not react at all and allowed the slap to come up, naturally he was humiliated and indignant.

So, he took two steps back and roared in anger and shame, “I’ll kill you!!!”

After saying this, his body suddenly sank, and his bones made crisp sounds one after another, and his internal strength suddenly boiled over, rapidly working its way to both arms.

When Wan Bajun saw this, his expression was suddenly astonished.

He knew very well that Lu Hao Tian was really desperate.