The Real Dragon Chapter 3398

Every time he won, the defeated side would beg and plead, just as he was doing now, but he had never once gone soft.

Now, the tide was turning, and it was finally his turn to beg for mercy!

Charlie wade, on the other hand, was obviously not prepared to let him off the hook!

He looked at Lu Haotian, and the corners of his mouth suddenly rose a few points, revealing a playful yet cruel smile.

Charlie wade’s sudden and bizarre smile made Lu Haotian’s heart instantly feel as if it had fallen into a cave of ice.

Although he didn’t know what Charlie wade wanted to do to him, he could realise that he was going to be finished!

Just then, Charlie wade’s right hand, which had grabbed both of Lu Haotian’s fists, suddenly reversed his wrist!

Immediately afterwards, Lu Haotian felt as if his two arms had been sent into a meat grinder with great horsepower.

The two arms were then twisted together as if they were twisted into a twist!

The excruciating pain started from the wrists of both hands and spread all the way to his arms!

He could even feel his wrists break first, followed by his small arms, elbows and shoulder joints ……

And this kind of sharp pain that penetrated deep into the marrow of his soul was not even scary, what was even scarier was that this sharp pain seemed to carry a virus, a virus that quickly invaded his body, causing all of his internal energy to disappear out of thin air in this instant.

At this moment, a deep fear welled up inside Lu Hao Tian!

Then, he could no longer hold back, and with his legs bent, he involuntarily fell to his knees, shouting in despair under his breath: “Ah …… My arm …… My arm …… It hurts so much!”

Charlie wade proved with facts that although the so-called experts were very strong, they might not really not be afraid of pain.

Lu Haotian had never experienced this kind of pain even in all his years of martial arts training, having both his arms twisted into twists by someone alive.

Coupled with the disappearance of internal strength all over his body, his psychological and physical defences collapsed in an instant.

Therefore, he could only follow the direction of Charlie wade’s twisting of his own arms and subconsciously kneeled on the ground.

And everyone else at the scene, seeing this scene, was like being struck by lightning!

Who would have dared to believe that a powerful six-star martial artist not only had his full strength strike been silently defused by Charlie wade, but what was even more outrageous was that his arm had been directly twisted into a twist by Charlie wade!

Broken bone fragments pierced through the flesh in several places, and blood gushed out along the wound, it was shocking to the eyes!

Lu Haotian was in so much pain that he was about to faint several times, but then he was awakened again by the intense pain, and had to let out a pig-like howl from his mouth as an attempt to ease the violent impact of the pain.

At that moment, Charlie wade said in a cold voice, “You have trained hard for many years in martial arts, but in the end, you have used it as a basis to do evil, today, I will do justice to heaven and abolish all your cultivation!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Lu Hao Tian felt that the six meridians in his body that had been opened were suddenly rushed in by an extremely powerful force!

It felt as if the magma in the earth’s crust was about to burst out of the crater, so powerful that it was simply unbearable!

In just an instant, he felt that all six of his meridians had been broken!

He had trained hard for years to become a six-star martial artist, but in this instant, he was destroyed in smoke!

“My meridians …… My meridians …… It’s all gone! It’s all gone!”

Lu Haotian muttered under his breath, and suddenly let out a loud cry!

All of his psychological support completely collapsed in this instant!