The Real Dragon Chapter 3399

Who would have thought that while Charlie wade had twisted Lu Haotian’s arms, he would also break all of his meridians!

To be able to easily break all of Lu Haotian’s meridians and destroy all of his cultivation without making a sound, this was simply a crushing difference between a human and a mole.

At this moment, everyone in the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was in despair.

The people around Charlie wade, on the other hand, all of them could not wait to cheer.

As for Lord Banks, who was draped in mourning, his entire body had collapsed and his hands and feet were shivering involuntarily.

He had truly never thought that the Wade family would have such a powerful existence.

The Ten Thousand Dragons Hall that he himself relied on, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall that he thought could absolutely crush Charlie wade completely, was actually no match for Charlie wade at all!

He suddenly thought that his two granddaughters, as well as his eldest daughter-in-law, had all come running to help Charlie wade, and his heart thudded: “Could it be that …… Could it be that this Charlie wade is the top expert who has been secretly targeting himself?!”

Thinking of this, Lord Banks’s heart, was even more desperate to the extreme.

And at this moment, Charlie wade looked at Lu Haotian, who had completely collapsed, and asked with a smile, “What? How come the titular white-clothed Tiger King has conceded so quickly?”

In order to survive, Lu Haotian lost his masterly demeanour and knelt down on the ground, begging bitterly with tears in his voice, “Mr. Wade, my arms are completely ruined and my meridians are all broken, I am now a complete invalid, please spare my life!”

Lu Haotian, who had collapsed to the point of kneeling down and begging for mercy, left Wan Bajun’s heart dead and the other generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall horrified.

Although Lu Haotian was incomparably indignant, he still wanted to live at the core of his being, and even if there was only a glimmer of hope for his life, he was unwilling to give up.

Because, knowing Charlie wade’s strength, if he really wanted to kill himself, it would be as simple as moving his finger.

Lu Haotian howled, his arms were twisted into a wretched mess, he could only use the strength of his back to bow and kowtow, while kowtowing, he cried and begged: “Mr. Wade …… I was wrong …… I should not have spoken out against you …… What’s more, I shouldn’t have provoked your majesty ……”

“But …… But I don’t want to die …… I really don’t want to die ……”

“Please, please, for the sake that I have turned into this ghost, please be merciful and spare my life ……”

Charlie wade looked at him with cold eyes, his voice steeply raised a few points, sternly questioned: “How dare you act recklessly in front of my parents’ spirit just now, do you really think I can spare your dog’s life just by kneeling on the ground and kowtowing to beg for mercy?”

Lu Haotian cried out loudly, “I know I was wrong …… I really know I’m wrong ……”

Charlie wade slapped him hard and said coldly, “Now you know you were wrong? When you killed the Wade family yesterday with a cigar in your mouth, weren’t you very arrogant? Didn’t you say you would be the first to kill me?”

Saying that, Charlie wade’s eyes flashed and he said coldly, “By the way, don’t you love smoking cigars? Then I’ll come and make you a cigar, so you can have a good smoke!”

After saying that, Charlie wade looked at Don Albert and said offhandedly, “Don Albert! Go get some yellow paper for the graves! Get some more!”

“Yes, Master Wade!” Don Albert hurriedly took out several bundles of yellow paper to be burned at the grave from the pile of ancestor worship materials prepared by the Wade family.

Charlie wade brought in a thick bundle and rolled it hard into a paper roll shape as thick as a mineral water bottle, then directly shoved one of the ends dead into Lu Haotian’s mouth and said to Don Albert, “Come, Don Albert! Serve this white-clothed Tiger King a big cigar that I, Charlie wade, personally made for him!”

Don Albert smiled heatedly and immediately took out a lighter and lit the other end of the paper roll, sneering as he did so, “Mr. Tiger King, you’re D*mn lucky to be able to smoke a cigar made by Master Wade himself, I reckon you’re the only one in the world.”

As he said this, he saw that the paper roll was thicker, so he couldn’t light it, so he slapped Lu Haotian across the face and cursed, “D*mn it, why don’t you smoke it? If you don’t smoke, how the hell can I light it?”