The Real Dragon Chapter 3404

How would he know who this man with the black hood on his head really was?

He didn’t have a see-through eye either.

What’s more, Jerold’s own consciousness had long since been sealed within it by Charlie wade, and Wan Bajun couldn’t even feel the slightest bit of his cultivation ability.

So, he looked at Charlie wade and opened his mouth to ask, “Who is this person?”

Charlie wade sneered, “What? You can’t recognise your own right-hand man with his face masked?”

Wan Bajun was even more confused.

Although Charlie wade had hinted that it was his right-hand man, he could not think of Jerold at all.

This was because, in the personal perception of all the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, Jerold was bound to be in the Middle East and could not possibly be in China.

When Charlie wade saw his surprised face, he sneered and ripped the black cloth bag off Jerold’s head with one hand.

When Wan Bajun and the other generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall saw Jerold’s face, everyone’s expressions immediately became appalled beyond belief.

No one could believe that Jerold, who had been missing for many days, would be in Charlie wade’s hands.

Wan Bajun subconsciously asked, “Jerold …… You …… How come you are here?!”

Jerold’s expression at this time stood silently in place, pestled like a fool, and his eyes were in an out-of-focus state, as if he was deaf to Wan Breaking Jun’s voice.

Wan Bajun did not know what had happened to Jerold, but seeing how dumb he was, he realised that things were probably a bit beyond his imagination, so he hurriedly asked again, “Jerold! Don’t you recognize me?”

Jerold still had no response.

At this time, Charlie wade faintly smiled, “I forgot to tell you, Jerold’s own consciousness has been sealed within his body by me, the current him is no longer the one you are familiar with, the current him is nothing more than a puppet of mine.”

Wan Bajun, as well as the other generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, were dumbfounded.

Sealing a person’s consciousness within his body, such a thing was unheard of to them!

Wan Bajun also did not believe that Charlie wade could have such a divine ability, such a tactic was simply unthinkable.

Seeing that they could not understand, Charlie wade pointed at Lu Haotian, who was kneeling on the ground, and said to Jerold, “Smoke him for me!”

Without thinking, Jerold rushed up, grabbed Lu Haotian’s collar and slapped him several times, causing Lu Haotian to scream in agony.

Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and said, “That’s enough, stop.”

Only then did Jerold stop his movements and rejoined Charlie wade’s side.

Wan Bajun looked dumbfounded, completely confused as to what method Charlie wade had used to make Jerold look like this now.

When Charlie wade saw his puzzled face, he gently patted Jerold’s shoulder and smiled, “Come, for the time being, I’ll give you the freedom to speak for a minute, just say whatever you want out loud!”

Although Jerold’s consciousness had been sealed off, his consciousness, however, was still able to pick up all the senses of his body.

He knew everything that had happened around him during this period of time, and he was also very clear about the matter that Wan Breaking Army was going to lead his brothers to kill up Wade Lingshan.

Even just now, as he knelt in front of Charlie wade’s parents’ spirit, he had not been able to see this scene that had just happened with his own eyes, but he had guessed what had just happened roughly through the sound.

However, his reception of information from the outside world was one-way, and apart from receiving information from the outside world from his physical senses, he could not control his body to make any reaction, even if he just blinked his eyelids.

At the very moment when Charlie wade had just tapped him on the shoulder, his consciousness finally became one with his body again, and this long-lost feeling, like a vegetative person who had been asleep for years finally waking up, instantly brought tears to his eyes.

Immediately afterwards, he looked at Wan Bajun and instantly broke down emotionally, bawling and begging, “Hall Master …… Please find a way to save me, or …… Or kill me immediately …… This feeling of having your consciousness imprisoned inside your body is even more terrifying and desperate than the eighteen levels of hell!!!”

“It’s really …… Life! No! Like! Death! AHHHHH!!!”