The Real Dragon Chapter 3406

“In business, things change quickly! Your father was incompetent, limited and unaware of his own abilities!”

“Who the hell is to blame if he thought he was going to enter the futures market and try to compete with my father, only to have my father beat him legitimately and lose all his a*sets?”

“It’s his own inability and limited level, what does it have to do with my father?”

At this point, Charlie wade gave a slight pause and continued, “If your father was only incapable, it would be fine, the big deal was to go back to bed and try to rise again, but he didn’t even have enough mental strength, he had to go to the top of the building and jump down by himself, so who the hell can blame my father for that?”

“And your mother! Even if your father killed himself, she left you behind and took the poison herself to die, did my father have anything to do with that?”

Wan Bajun was not convinced and angrily blurted out, “This is all your father’s conspiracy!”

Charlie wade stared at him and asked coldly, “If you say so, you are just as self-righteous, narrow-minded, weak, limited and unaware as your father was back then! You even took the initiative to come to Mount Wade Ling and shamelessly said that you wanted to raze my parents’ graves! And now I’ve killed them! Is all this a conspiracy by me, Charlie wade?”

Wan Bajun’s expression instantly froze, Charlie wade’s words struck right into his soul, making it impossible for him to refute them!

Charlie wade looked at him and said coldly, “Wan Bajun! You are the same today as your father was back then! You are all to blame! Even if you die ten thousand times, you are still to blame!!!”

Wan Bajun was already in tears by now.

He knew that what Charlie wade said was right.

The current version of himself, like his father back then, had taken the initiative to provoke a figure he could not afford to provoke at all, and had subsequently suffered a complete defeat.

The so-called revenge of his parents was just a blind hatred that had been pent up deep inside his heart for many years as he had voiced his own injustice for them.

Just as his inner faith began to crumble, Charlie wade pointed at Zayne beside him and said in a cold voice, “Come, let you meet the great benefactor of your Wan family back then!”

After saying this, Charlie wade ripped off the black cloth bag that was over Zayne’s head.

In this instant, Wan Bajun’s entire body was struck by lightning!

Naturally, he recognized Zayne.

Although so many years had pa*sed, Zayne’s appearance as an adult had not changed much, he was just a little older than normal, so Wan Bajun recognised him almost at first.

Subconsciously, he blurted out, “Banks …… Uncle Banks?!”

Lord Banks, the old man of the Banks family, was also completely dumbfounded at this time, his eldest son had been missing for such a long time without any news, but he didn’t expect to be in the hands of this Charlie wade!

Zayne saw his father as well as Wan Breaking Army at this time, he was also wide-eyed and wanted to say something, but his mouth was still gagged with a towel, so not a single word could come out.

Charlie wade pulled the towel from his mouth, and Zayne hurriedly said to Wan Bajun, “Bajun, you’re confused!”

Wan Bajun was already in tears by now and choked up, “Uncle Banks, it’s really you …… For so many years, Broken Jun has never forgotten your great kindness to the Wan family, but for so many years Broken Jun has not gotten in touch with you for various reasons, please forgive me ……”

Zayne’s eyes were also red and he choked up, “What a time to talk about this ……”

Charlie wade then spoke up and said to Zayne, “Mr. Banks, Wan Liancheng was your man back then, and no one knows more about the Anti-Wade Alliance than you, so in front of Wan Breaking Jun, tell us what really happened back then, and who was really responsible for the whole thing.”

Saying that, Charlie wade instructed one more thing: “You must start from objective facts! As long as what you say is indeed the objective truth, I won’t hold you responsible for anything you say! But if you dare to tell half a lie, I will kill you with my own hands in front of my parents’ spirit!”