The Real Dragon Chapter 3412

Charlie wade frowned slightly, then looked at Lord He and asked, “Old Mr. He, did you bring a sword with you when you went out today?”

Lord He said respectfully, “Back to Mr. Wade, I did!”

After saying that, he took out an incredibly sharp short blade from his waist and handed it to Charlie wade with both hands.

Charlie wade took the short blade and then threw it in front of Wan Bajun, saying indifferently, “For the sake that you are still a filial son, I promise you! After you die, I will not bury you or your parents’ remains or expose them to the wilderness, instead, I will repay your grievances with virtue and bury you and your parents together.

When Wan Bajun heard these words, a relaxed smile finally appeared on his face, while he looked at Charlie wade with an expression of complete gratitude.

Afterwards, he once again bent down and gave Charlie wade a heavy kowtow.

This time, he bent down for a long time before standing up his upper body and said with immense gratitude, “Thank you, Mr. Wade, for your great kindness and for repaying your grievances with virtue, this kindness of Mr. wade is something I cannot repay in this life, I would like to be a cow and a horse in my next life to repay Mr. Wade’s kindness!”

After saying this, he reached out and took the short blade in his hand.

Just as he was about to point the tip of the blade at his heart, intending to stab it hard, a group of generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall almost collapsed, and a large group of people cried out, “Hall Master! No, Master!”

Wan Bajun looked back at his most loyal men and said with a smile, “Brothers and sisters, today I have implicated you all, so please forgive me!”

“Also, remember, after my death, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall will be automatically disbanded, all of you must not make enemies with Mr. wadeor the Wade family, and if you are still engaged in the mercenary industry, you must not enter China again in your lifetime and must not disturb the peace of China, can you remember that?”

Hearing these words, the crowd had already burst into tears.

They knew that Wan Bajun was ready to die, and that this was his final farewell!

Someone choked up and said, “Hall Master …… We can agree to everything else, but why don’t you let us enter China again? If we can’t enter China again, we won’t even have the chance to pay our respects to your grave!”

Wan Bajun smiled blandly and said, “It is enough that the brothers have this intention, whether they pay their respects or not, it doesn’t matter.”

Mr. wade is kind enough to let us reunite down here today, so I can finally spend some time with my parents and make up for my regrets of the past twenty years. come all the way to see me.”

As Wan Bajun said this, nearly a hundred soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall had already burst into tears.

These top mercenaries, who normally killed without blinking, were all as fragile as children of three or five years old at this moment.

They knew that the momentum of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall had already been lost and the situation had been decided, and Wan Bajun was already bound to die.

Wan Bajun had even regarded Charlie wade’s order to kill himself as a great grace, which showed how completely the Hall had lost this time.

Now, no one could save Wan Bajun’s life, because everyone’s life was in Charlie wade’s hands.

Charlie wade, on the other hand, did not look ready to let Wan Bajun live at all.

Wan Bajun smiled faintly and said to his men, “Gentlemen, the world is divided after a long time, and divided after a long time. Today, we have come to the end of our relationship, so let’s say goodbye!”

With these words, Wan Bajun raised his blade and thrust it into his heart.