The Real Dragon Chapter 3415

Hearing that Charlie wade was willing to let him go, Wan Bajun’s emotions were so great that he almost collapsed.

However, he still resisted the urge to cry out in pain and shouted without hesitation, “Mr. Wade, I am willing!”

A group of generals from the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall reacted and shouted out in excitement at the same time, “We are also willing!”

In an instant, the response was a mountainous roar!

Everyone else on the scene looked dumbfounded!

No one had expected that Charlie wade would spare Wan Bajun’s life and at the same time take the entire Ten Thousand Dragon Hall under his wing!

Many people did not understand why Charlie wade did not relent until the very last moment when he had cut his own veins and was about to commit suicide.

Moreover, before letting go, he also slammed Wan Xiaojun’s decision to die a generous death.

In fact, what Charlie wade was playing was a typical psychological tactic.

The same bowl of rice, given when the opponent was hungry, had a very different effect from giving it when the opponent was about to die of hunger.

Moreover, the reason why Charlie wade slammed his decision to go to his death was to destroy his last piece of confidence and dignity.

Because, at the moment when he decided to commit suicide, Wan Bajun’s heart, was relieved, and even deep inside his heart, there must have been a sense of sadness in going to his death generously.

If this sense of sadness is not completely knocked out of him, then he will still consider going to his death as a kind of glory in the future.

In some ways, Wan Bajun is very much like a Japanese samurai, a samurai who truly believes in the spirit of Bushido, in the same way as Don Giovanni, who, regardless of his strength, is proud and unafraid of death at heart.

If a man is not afraid of death, it is easy to defeat him, but not so easy to convince him.

For at any time he will feel that although I am not strong and have lost a battle, the big deal is that I will be cut open and afterwards, I will still have a reputation that will be celebrated.

So, in this case, it is necessary to make him understand one core truth: do you think you are a great hero if you cut open your belly?

No, even if you cut open your belly, you’re still a big douche!

Once he knew that even death would not solve the problem at hand, all his pride would completely collapse.

This was also the fundamental reason why, Charlie wade had to push him to the extreme.

Judging from the immediate effect, Charlie wade had already achieved his goal.

From now on, Wan Bajun and his Ten Thousand Dragons Hall would definitely be loyal and obedient to Charlie wade’s orders.

All of Charlie wade’s men and friends were already extremely excited.

Today was truly the most memorable day for them in their lives.

This was no longer a simple matter of setting themselves up for death, this was a matter of becoming a Buddha, a saint or a dragon!

Lord Orrin was so excited that he burst into tears. He looked at Bruce wade’s tomb and murmured, “Brother Wade, today, Charlie wade has turned into a dragon when he met the wind, and not only has he conquered the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, but he has also become the head of the Wade family in a matter of minutes.

Stephen Thompson’s feelings were no different from Lord Orrin’s.

He was a loyal servant of Bruce wade and had lived until now for this day, so his whole body was already full of tears without realising it.

The Wade family, on the other hand, had mixed feelings at this time.

The joy was that a great crisis had completely dissipated.

The sad thing was that it probably seemed as if Charlie wade had just sent himself to the throne of the Wade family head with just a casual remark?

Especially Corran and the others, they immediately smacked out something different from what Charlie wade had just said to Wan Breaking Jun.

Corran thought to himself at this moment: “Charlie wade just told Wan Breaking Jun that he had just taken over the large and small affairs of the Wade family and that there would be a shortage of manpower in the future. Could it be that …… Could it be that he wants to sit directly on the position of the Wade family’s head today? But …… But the old man clearly asked him to take over the affairs of the Wade family for the time being, and when this crisis is over, he will have to meekly hand over the power to the old man! This son of a b*tch is ready to go along with the water and directly take the throne?!”