The Real Dragon Chapter 3420

To Zayne, he did not want to go back for the millionth time.

However, he also knew very well in his heart that even if he begged Charlie wade as much as he could, it was impossible for Charlie wade to change his mind.

The only way to save him from having to return to Syria was to hurry up and let his daughter Zara become the head of the Banks family.

This was because Charlie wade had said that once Zara became the head of the family, Zayne could return.

Just now, when he heard that Charlie wade wanted the old man to give up his position, the first and only possibility that came to his mind was that Charlie wade wanted his daughter Zara to take the position of the Banks family’s head.

But just when he felt that his time was about to come, he didn’t expect that the old man would dare to disobey Charlie wade’s wishes, wasn’t this asking for trouble?

Lord Banks was also in disarray at this point.

He had previously thought that he was at least the head of the top family in China, so Charlie wade could not get himself sent abroad, otherwise if word of this got out, the Wade family would definitely become a target.

However, Charlie wade was no fool, he certainly could not blatantly kidnap Lord Banks himself, so he simply let the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple do the job.

A mercenary organisation like the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall would dare to fight even the civil wars of other countries, not to mention a mere Lord Banks.

Therefore, at this time, Lord Banks’s heart was already panicked to the extreme.

Zayne was afraid that Lord Banks would annoy Charlie wade and end up in a wooden boat, so he shouted out of the blue, “Dad! You must not think that Charlie wade is joking with you! I’ve been sent to Syria for a long time! Look at me now, I’m so f*cking skinny! And not only did he kidnap me, but James has been held in a dog pound for months, and he hasn’t even had a chance to release me yet! If you don’t give in, Charlie wade will definitely send you to Syria. If you’re really sent to Syria, you’ll be lucky to live for a year and a half!”

Hearing this, Lord Banks felt his liver tremble.

It was only then that he finally understood that Charlie wade was able to subdue the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple and kidnap even his own two sons, so he could not have just scared himself.

If he was really sent to Syria, he would not be able to escape even if he had the strength to do so. He had heard of that Hamid’s ability, and even the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple could not attack him.

In that case, the only thing that awaited him would be death!

At that moment, the soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace had already grabbed him by the arms and one of them took out a towel for some unknown purpose and tried to stuff it into his mouth.

At this moment, Lord Banks’s face turned pale with fear, his eyes widened and he said desperately, “Don’t tie me up! I’ll take the first one! I’ll choose the first one!”

After saying that, he looked at Charlie wade and choked up, “Mr. Wade, I am willing to give up the family headship to Zara, so I beg you to be noble and let me go! I’ll sign all the paperwork and move to the Maldives!”

“Also the Maldives ……” Charlie wade said in a cold voice: “I told you to choose earlier but you didn’t, now the conditions have changed! Maldives you don’t think about it, there is a country in Africa called Madagascar, do you want to know about it in advance?!”