The Real Dragon Chapter 3427

When Charlie wade had repaired Wan Bajun’s fourth meridian, Lord He could no longer see Wan Bajun’s cultivation.

      The only ones who could still tell Wan Breaking Army’s cultivation level were the few five-star battle generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall.

      As for Lu Haotian and Jerold, the two iron wastes, they had already completely rested.

      When Wan Bajun’s fifth meridian was also repaired, no one at the scene, except for Charlie wade, could tell his current true cultivation level.

      Immediately afterwards, the remaining meridians of Wan Bajun were also restored one by one.

      It felt like the eight meridians that he had just broken had been completely restored as before.

      What was even more unimaginable to Wan Bajun was that his eight meridians, having been blessed by the disaster, had all reached a state of great perfection after being restored one by one.

      Now Wan Bajun was no longer an eight-star martial artist, he had already entered the realm of the Great Perfection of the Ming Realm.

      His benefactor, who had gone from an eight-star martial artist to the Great Perfection of the Ming Realm, had taken more than ten years.

      However, with Charlie wade’s help, it had only taken him a few minutes!

      Such a huge improvement in an instant caused him to be incomparably shocked inwardly, and he even had a feeling that it was like a lifetime ago.

      If this event had not actually happened to him, he would never have believed that there was such a powerful ability in this world.

      He could feel that what Charlie wade was using was an energy that was much more powerful and magical than internal energy.

      This reminded him of what his benefactor had said back then, when he said that in this world, martial artists were only the lowest level of power above ordinary people.

      Above martial artists, there were many systems of power that far surpa*sed martial dao, which for martial daoists, they would most likely never have the chance to touch in their lifetime.

      Seeing that Charlie wade had such a divine ability, he was immediately certain that Charlie wade’s power system was definitely not that of a martial artist, but a great divine ability that was a layer higher than martial dao, or even several layers higher.

      As if reborn, he once again kowtowed heavily to Charlie wade and said with immense gratitude, “Mr. Wade, thank you for your rejuvenating grace! Now that my subordinate has reached the full completion of the Ming realm, I will definitely do everything I can for you for the rest of my life, and I will not hesitate to die!”

      Wan Bajun’s words struck all the martial artists present like a thunderbolt.

      Who would have dared to believe that Charlie wade had not only restored Wan Bajun’s meridians, but also allowed him to ascend to the heavens in one step and become a Ming realm master!

      Who would have dared to believe that he would have the chance to see a top martial artist of the Ming Realm at full completion in his own life!

      I thought that just now, Charlie wade’s restoration of Wan Bajun’s meridian was already a miracle, but I never thought that the real miracle was here!

      To break and then stand, to stand to perfection, this was simply a great miraculous ability that turned decay into magic!

      For a while, countless people looked up to Charlie wade even more, while also being envious of Wan Bajun, feeling that Wan Bajun had simply met the most precious chance in the world.

      In fact, Charlie wade did not want to help Wan Bajun raise his cultivation level, it was just that although his meridians had originally opened up to eight, they had basically not been able to enter the Great Perfection realm where they were completely unblocked.

      This time, when he broke and established himself, he directly allowed all his meridians to be completely unblocked after the reconstruction of his true qi.

      With all eight meridians unblocked, it was only natural that Wan Bajun became a top martial artist in the Ming realm of great perfection.