The Real Dragon Chapter 3429

When the crowd heard this, they naturally agreed to do so.

      They all knew Charlie wade very well and knew his low profile, so since Charlie wade did not allow it to be revealed, the crowd naturally would not disobey.

      Charlie wade looked at Lord Banks and added, “The matter of giving up the throne to Zara should still be announced to the public, otherwise I am worried that she will not be able to establish her authority in the Banks family.”

      Lord Banks hurriedly nodded and said, “That’s right, that’s right! Today I am repenting in front of Mr. Wade’s parents’ spirit, and tomorrow I will officially announce this matter to the public! Let Zara take over smoothly!”

      ”Good.” Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and said, “After the agreement is signed, the news is announced, and the handover of rights is all completed, I will arrange for someone to send you to Madagascar, as long as you cooperate well, I will not interfere with what you need to bring to Madagascar or what people you need to bring, as long as it is not too exaggerated, you can seize the time to have someone prepare.”

      Lord Banks said with unbridled excitement, “Thank you, Mr. Wade! Thank you Mr. Wade! I’m going to take my butler Banks Anshun with me and have him prepare the supplies and team for Madagascar ……”

      At this time, Banks Anshun, who was waiting for Lord Banks’s triumph at Banks’s home, never dreamed that his master, who had already made up his mind, would take him with him to Madagascar.

      And at this time, Charlie wade said to Lord wade again, “The people of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall and the Banks Family will just kneel like this for now, while our ancestral sacrifice ceremony will proceed as usual later.”

      Lord wade hurriedly said, “Then I’ll have everyone prepare and get ready!”

      Charlie wade nodded, and when he saw Helena in the crowd, who had some difficulty blending in with her surroundings, he said to Lord wade, “By the way, don’t forget to arrange for a Concorde to send Helena back to China this afternoon.”

      Lord wade immediately said, “Don’t worry Charlie, I’ve already arranged for the plane, it can take off anytime.”

      At this time, Helena mustered up the courage to walk up to Charlie wade and said in a respectful tone, “It’s hard for you to worry about my affairs, Mr. Wade!”

      When Charlie wade saw that she seemed to have something to say, he spoke, “Helena, don’t worry, since I said I would help you take back the throne, I will definitely honour my promise.”

      Helena immediately sighed with relief and nodded her head gratefully, “Thank you, Mr. Wade!”

      Saying that, Helena hesitated again and again, but still spoke, “Mr. Wade …… I just received a message from Northern Europe, things may have changed a bit over there ……”

      Charlie wade frowned and asked, “What news?”

      Helena said, “It is said that yesterday Olivia and the representative of the Rothschild family talked late into the night, they have reached a preliminary agreement on the marriage union and are ready to officially announce to the public today at 10 am local time that Olivia will marry a member of the Rothschild family, and the wedding is scheduled for tomorrow night!”

      Charlie wade was surprised and asked, “The Rothschild family? Is that Olivia in a relationship with someone from the Rothschild family?”

      Helena spoke, “As far as I know, Olivia doesn’t have a boyfriend at all …… and the Nordic royal family and the Rothschild family haven’t had any previous dealings …… so this matter is a bit sudden. “

      Charlie wade couldn’t help but frown when he heard about the Rothschild family.

      Although he had always known that the Rothschild family was a sworn enemy of his father back then, and also believed that the Rothschild family was probably behind the murder of his parents, he had never had the opportunity to have any direct contact with the Rothschilds.