The Real Dragon Chapter 3433

Christine is indeed very clever.

      She knew that when so many people were equally guilty, whoever admitted their fault first would have the upper hand.

      Moreover, she knew far more about Charlie wade’s deeds than the others and had experienced them first-hand.

      She had heard before about the way Charlie wade had acted when he had rectified several experts of the Webb family in Suhang.

      At that time, he had Don Albert carve words on the brains of those few people, and whoever was the first to admit punishment would have the fewest words carved, and for each person that followed, the number of words would be increased by one.

      At the end of the day, it is said that the man’s head was not even carved with enough words.

      With these previous experiences, how could Christine allow others to kneel in front of her?

      Charlie wade also did not expect that Christine would kneel so quickly, so he spoke, “You are my aunt, a thousand wrongs are still my elders, even if I am now the head of the Wade family, the division between elders and youngsters cannot be messed up, so you should not kneel to me, if you want to kneel, you should kneel to the ancestors of the Wade family!”

      Christine’s brain reacted with great speed and immediately adjusted her direction with both knees while kneeling, looking towards the ancestral grave of the Wade family not far away.

      Immediately afterwards, she knocked her head on the ground with a bang and cried, “Your ancestors are here! My unworthy granddaughter, Christine, failed to put the face of the ancestors and the interests of the Wade family first, and nearly betrayed the ancestors for glory and recognized the thief as his father. I beg the ancestors to condemn me!”

      Christine was now completely convinced.

      What dignity, what face, what old princess, what old baby’s stinking temper, at this moment all vanished into thin air.

      She knew that the most important thing at the moment was to get Charlie wade’s forgiveness, otherwise, one word from Charlie wade could make her, the married Wade family’s daughter, get out of the Wade family instantly.

      In that case, she would really be left with nothing.

      When Charlie wade saw that Christine had been so good-natured, he was a little amused in his heart.

      However, he nodded with approval on his face and said, “You are the first to admit your mistake and take the initiative to confess to the ancestors of the Wade family, which proves that you are more conscious than the others.

      As soon as Charlie wade said this, Corran, Feb wade, as well as Myles, Jackson and the others, all ran like mad to the front of the Wade family’s ancestral tomb, each grabbing the middlemost spot and kneeling on the ground with a poof, without saying a word, they began to kowtow desperately and confess their mistakes.

      For a while, the rhythm of these people’s desperate kowtowing was just like the Liang’s oil pumping machine commonly known as the kowtowing machine used for oil extraction, which looked quite comical.

      Charlie wade didn’t say anything, but just watched them with expressionless faces as they made this scramble to kowtow and confess.

      Charlie wade knew very well in his heart that his aunt Christine was really convinced, and since she was really convinced, she could naturally still stay and serve the Wade family in the future, but the gang in front of him now, each and every one of them was full of flamboyance, and no one could be forgiven lightly!

      This group of people banged for half a day, but the more they banged, the more painful it was, and the more they banged, the more they lost their bottom.

      They originally thought that as long as they behaved positively and piously, Charlie wade would definitely be as lenient as he had been with Christine.

      But to their surprise, they had been kowtowing for half a day, but Charlie wade had not even said a word.

      None of them dared to stop, they could only kowtow one after another, one after another, their heads turning blue and purple.

      It was Charlie wade’s sister-in-law, Mabel, who could not stand it anymore and said, “Charlie …… If you keep kowtowing like this, you’ll get killed ……”