The Real Dragon Chapter 3434

Charlie wade shook his head and said indifferently, “Don’t worry, Little Aunt, these people, one by one, are all cowardly and incompetent rats who are afraid of death, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to sneak out to buy mourning clothes last night! Since they are all so afraid of death, how could they knock themselves to death here? It’s not logical.”


Saying that, he obviously saw that Feb wade’s kowtowing was obviously much less vigorous, and as soon as he saw that he was kowtowing indiscriminately, he said coldly, “Little Aunt, have you seen Feb wade? That forehead of his is just kissing the ground, it doesn’t look like he’s making any effort at all!”


When Feb wade heard this, he was scared and his back broke into a cold sweat, so he hurriedly knocked his head down hard, baring his teeth in pain!


Charlie wade turned to look at Lord wade and asked, “Grandpa, who is in charge of the various businesses of the Wade family now?”


Lord wade said, “The core business of the Wade family is basically in the hands of a team of managers, at first your father was worried that the family members were uneducated, so he insisted on setting up a team of elite professional managers. or top venture capital institutions.”


“In addition, we have a very professional team of elite lawyers who are responsible for all the legal work of the Wade family.”


“Oh yes, in addition to these two boards, there is also a trust team, responsible for putting the portion of cash that the family cannot use into the family trust for investment and management.”


Charlie wade was surprised and pointed to the row of people kneeling and kowtowing on the floor and opened his mouth to ask, “Don’t any of these people do anything?”


Lord wade shook his head and said, “If the Wade family was really left in their charge, I’m afraid it would have collapsed long ago! They are all hanging around, with vice chairmen, general managers and directors, but they are not actually responsible for the business and decisions, there are internal decisions by the team of managers for small decisions, and I basically make the big decisions, but you will have to make the decisions from now on.”


Charlie wade nodded and said indifferently, “Since these people are of little practical use, then why not just get them all out of Wade’s group, out of sight, out of mind.”


As soon as Corran, who was about to faint from kowtowing, heard these words, he immediately got up and asked offhandedly, “Charlie wade …… You …… Where are you going to get us?!”


Charlie wade said, “Don’t worry, we won’t let you guys go far.”


Saying that, Charlie wade added, “Don’t you guys like to wear mourning? Since you are so filial, I will have someone install some simple houses for you at the foot of Wade Ling Mountain. All of you who are eighteen years old or older, or who are no longer in school, one by one, will stay here to properly observe mourning for the ancestors of the Wade family for three years!”


“During these three years, I will have someone put electronic shackles on your feet and monitor your location 24 hours a day, no one will be allowed to leave Wade Ling Mountain for half a step!”


As soon as Feb wade heard this, his whole body almost fainted, declining and powerless, he wailed, “Charlie wade …… You can’t be so cruel, Charlie wade! I am your cousin! I’m the eldest grandson of the Wade family! You can’t imprison me on Mount Wade Ling!”


Charlie wade nodded his head and spoke, “People say that a gun beats a bird, this IQ of yours is really a bit worrying.”


After saying that, he immediately said to Lord Banks, “It just so happens that you will be going to Madagascar as a landlord soon, so when the time comes, bring this guy along with you and let him work for you as a long servant for three years!”


Upon hearing this, Feb wade broke down on the spot and cried, “Charlie wade, I am willing to observe mourning for my ancestors at Wade Ling Mountain! I am the eldest son and grandson, how can I be absent from the mourning service ……”


Charlie wade waved his hand, “Don’t take yourself too seriously, it’s perfectly fine to observe mourning without you, without you here to embarra*s yourself, the old ancestors’ faces look better too.”


After saying that, he added in a cold voice, “Feb wade, from now on, if you bargain with me again, I’ll turn three years into six!”


Feb wade wailed and collapsed to the ground on the spot.


Corran was heartbroken for his son, but also for himself, so he hurriedly asked, “You’re asking us to stay here and observe mourning for the old ancestor for three years, what about our food and drink?”


Charlie wade said indifferently, “I will have your food and drink brought to you regularly.”


Corran asked again, “What about …… What about if you get sick?”


Charlie wade said expressionlessly, “If you get sick, I will arrange for a doctor from the Wade Family Hospital to come to your home to treat you! If any of you get seriously ill and need surgery or hospitalization, I’ll build you a field hospital at the foot of Wade Ling Mountain! In short, for the next three years, even if the sky falls, you cannot leave Wade Lingshan without my permission!”